Executive & Team Members

The European Master Certification (EMC) is a Belgium Company, EMC International bvba. The Shareholders are comprised of Tomas De Bruyne and Christi Lopez AIFD EMC.

EMC, co-founded in 2011, was the brainchild of internationally renowned floral designers Tomas De Bruyne & Hitomi Gilliam. It is now run by the EMC Core Team of graduates led by Tomas De Bruyne.



Meet The Executive Team

Tomas De Bruyne

Tomas De Bruyne from Belgium is one of the most sought after and respected international floral designer today.  Tomas has authored 2 and co-authored 13 inspirational and educational books.  He has presented and reached audiences at every corner of the continents with his talent and knowledge. Tomas has also been published in more than 60 magazines worldwide. Along with giving seminars and demonstrations he has been commissioned to work on many prestigious projects world-wide.

Christi Lopez AIFD EMC

With over 30 years of business acumen in the Washington, DC area, Christi Lopez graduated EMC in 2017. With a background of executive board experience in multiple floral organizations, Christi leads EMC Business Management. Multi-faceted, her life’s work includes a location in the historic Mayflower Hotel, Bergerons Flowers, and The Business of Flowers agency, bringing sound resources to today’s floral professional.

The Educational Team

EMC nurtures its Teachers & Coaches through an extensive training program. Each step along the way is a journey in learning~something EMC holds in high esteem.

Keith Stanley EMC
EMC Teacher & Coach

Diana Toma EMC
EMC Teacher

Sherene S. Tan AIFD EMC
EMC Teacher

Patti Bowman EMC
EMC Teacher

Jorge Uribe AIFD EMC
EMC Teacher

Francisca Aguirre Perez EMC
EMC Teacher

Bryan Swann EMC
Nomenclature Coordinator

The Core Team

Sue Tabbal-Yamaguchi AIFD EMC
EMC GO Manager

Regine Motmans EMC
EMC Ambassador

Jennifer Figge EMC
Social Media

Personal Mentors

Bryan Swann EMC

Rebecca Raymond EMC

Gina Thresher AIFD EMC

Jenn Figge EMC

Ellen Seagraves AIFD EMC

Sandy Nielsen EMC

Katherine Glazer EMC

Terry Godfrey AIFD EMC

Chieko Fukushima AIFD EMC


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