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Fleuramour’s 25th Anniversary will precede this fabulous event! Our dates for EMC Go LIVE are September 29th - October 2nd. More information to come in March’s newsletter!

Envision the VISION!

VISION is the lighthouse that ought to guide the journey of all artists through the creative world! 

Vision reveals purpose, purpose determines objectives, objectives help establish guidelines and rules, which translate into actions. From the way we each run our business to the way we create floral designs, everything is determined by either having a vision, or by lacking one. Inspiration and creativity alone, two words we hear so often in the world of floral design, are mere pieces of a greater puzzle. Unless one has the outcome in mind, those pieces are never going to fall in the right place. 

At the 2020 AIFD Symposium you can see for yourself how VISION influences the work of the very best in the industry and be inspired by the their experience. The American Institute of Floral Designers is the host of this massive event organized yearly, and it will take place place between the 2nd and 7th of July, 2020 at the Hilton Chicago Hotel. The event is packed with stage demonstrations, hands-on workshops, lectures, educational sessions, award ceremonies and lots more. 

The European Master Certification program is proud to be a part of AIFD symposium and contribute to the education of floral designers with a series of enhanced education and better business sessions.

“Expand and Express YOUR Creativity” As you know, EMC, through its core program and all other activities, is always focused on helping floral designers develop their own signature style that
 differentiates one from the rest. Tomas De Bruyne and Christi Lopez AIFD, EMC are inviting you to join them for this presentation that will stimulate your senses and give you the tools to expand your thinking and bring your expressions new life.

“Interaction between Elements and Principles: Liberate Yourself” Presented by Dalia Bortolotti, EMC, the event is going to be a hands-on interactive workshop focused on exploring new relationships between the elements and how principles in design are applied.

“Potential in a Pinterest World” The hands-on session is presented by Christi Lopez AIFD, CFD, EMC. As she will take you on a journey from two-dimensional inspirations to three-dimensional artistic creations, you won’t look at a Pinterest board the same again!

“Communicating Your Artistic Expression” Presented by Stacey Carlton AIFD, CFD, EMC.  This workshop will help you create your own custom expression and leave a fresh perspective of design rhetoric, theory, and concepts to level up your narrative.

All sessions are sponsored by: Diamond Elite Partner, Accent Decor and Silver Elite Partner, Alexandra Farms.

Among all other scheduled events, EMC is also proud to witness and applaud two successful EMC graduates American designers take the main stage. Congratulations to Jorge Uribe AIFD, CFD, EMC for the “Mythical Creatures” presentation he will perform along side Andreia Boscato Muller AIFD, CFD and to Jenny Thomasson AIFD, PFCI, EMC for the “Rooted UneARThed” demonstration.

At the AIFD 2020 Vision, the opportunities for a florist are incredible, as the Symposium offers a large variety of possible participations, from volunteering to even becoming an ambassador. All the information is thoroughly presented of the official AIFD website. This is an event not to be missed and the EMC team is very excited to meet you there.

As part of our annual tradition at AIFD Symposium, we are again looking to gather all graduates attending for a family photo. Should you be available to help EMC program, before, after or during the event, either by becoming an ambassador, hands-on volunteering to set up the EMC sessions, etc. do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].


Ghent Becomes Your Paradise 

How does one even begin to describe the symbiosis between a fabulous city and the world of flowers, given that the history of this beautiful relationship begins in 1808? Over two centuries of experience, growth and development.

Ghent Floraliën is so much more than a flower festival. It is a strong a brand, an experience, a community creator, a place to compete and showcase the best of you, a stage for talented designers and a powerful event that envisions and helps builds a better future, inspired by all the lessons of the past.

The 36th edition of Floraliën in Ghent, My Paradise, a Global Garden, takes place in the familiar buildings of the ICC, the Floraliënhal and the Kuipke, between the 1st and 10th of May, 2020. Visitors are invited to discover the different concept rooms, indoor and outdoor gardens and allow their senses to be spoiled.

As less and less greenery can be found in city centres, the purpose of the 2020 Floraliën is to provide a counter image by means of a dynamic, green and blooming environment created by the local and international horticultural sector. From nature to culture, biodiversity, green in the city and climate change form the four main pillars of Floralies 2020.

This edition of the Floralies also chimes with the Van Eyck year 2020. The Ghent Altarpiece by the Van Eyck brothers and an image of bishop Triest’s garden are the starting point and source of inspiration for “My Paradise, a Global Garden”. The flower exhibition portrays the migration of flowers and plants. It also draws the visitors’ attention to the past and the present of Ghent; still a green, live-able and malleable city.

European Master Certification program is proud to be a part of the 2020 Floraliën in Ghent by building and showcasing a massive design by Tomas de Bruyne. Stay tuned, as more details are coming in the upcoming editions of our EMC newsletter.



From the 5th to the 7th of June 2020, the International Congress Centre in Katowice, Polish Florist Association and Florint, together with their sponsors, will be hosting the Europa Cup 2020. It will make for a perfect time and place to celebrate world-class floristry.

Katowice is a fairly young, only slightly more than 150 years old, city in the South of Poland. It is one of the most developed business centres in the country, with a significant share of industrial activity. In 2015, Katowice was accepted into the network of UNESCO Creative Cities as an official City of Music.

Hence, the competition inspired by music, as participants will compete in six tasks inspired by music, as follows:

  • a 90-minute challenge of preparing a table for a school reunion called "Every life has a soundtrack".
  • an installation - 'Dance in the rain' - it is the biggest work the contestants will be faced with. The arrangement is supposed to show the beauty of movement and dance, while at least 50% of the living plant material must be placed in a black Oasis sponge.
  • participants will have 2 hours to decorate a dancer and the inspiration is a specially prepared soundtrack
  • additionally, the participants floristic skills will be tested in two surprise even

The competitors have just been announced and can be found here:


Europa Cup 2020 is not just the competition but it also offers accompanying events. During the series of shows ‘Four parts of the world’ we will observe four different takes on floristry. The best florists from Latin America, China, Europe and Poland will aim to captivate us with their works. Those floristic demonstrations will highlight the culture, traditions and temperament of different nations. 

One of the most important events of the Europa Cup 2020 will be the ‘Masters of Masters’ show where European Champions from previous editions of the competition perform on one stage. And, as business knowledge is essential to running a prosperous company, a series of seminars and discussion panels on the future of the floral industry is planned. Distinguished experts will share their knowledge and experience of online sales, social media, sustainable development, marketing activities, trends for 2021 and many other topics. During the evening Final Gala, where, to the accompaniment of music, this year’s Europa Cup champion is announced will conclude the contest. 

Among other important figures of the world of flowers, Tomas de Bruyne has been invited to become an official ambassador of Europa Cup 2020.

 EMC Annual Team Building

Smithers-Oasis Company, official sponsor of the EMC program, is the host of the 2020 annual team building session for the executive and team members of the European Master Certification. 

The directions of education, EMC GO, sustainability in the industry, future events and projects will all be discussed. Looking forward to getting inside information from all the participants for the March Expressions Newsletter. Stay tuned!

EMC & Fleur Creatif breaking language barriers 

For the EMC Foundation classes in Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur the manual has been translated. Also, the Fleur Creatif releasing its Chinese translated edition. Breaking language barriers and reaching towards a large consumer market such as Asia help promote and encourage more designers to approach the European design and its specificities.

Philadelphia Flower Show

As the 1960s-themed, “Flower Power” Philadelphia Flower Show winds down this week, planners already are working on the 2020 show – one that will focus on plants and gardens of Mediterranean climates. “Riviera Holiday” is the working title for next year’s version of the world’s biggest, longest-running, indoor flower show.

The show’s 2020 central feature will highlight the French Riviera, but the overall theme won’t be limited to just southern France, said Sam Lemheney, chief of shows and events for the show’s producer, the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

The 2020 Philadelphia Flower Show is scheduled for Feb. 29-March 8, 2020, in the Pennsylvania Convention Center, 12th and Arch streets, Philadelphia. Tomas de Bruyne has been appointed as a member of the Jury.

EMC Foundation Classes available in 2020

Be sure to check out our website for more information!

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