January 2020 Expressions Newsletter

Saying Good-Bye

For the past 2 years, I have had the privilege each month of sharing news of the ever-growing EMC Family with you. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know each and every one of you through this process! It is with a sad heart that I am announcing that as I begin a new chapter of my professional career, I am stepping down from all my responsibilities with EMC at the end of January 2020. 

I began my tenure with EMC as a student in 2013 and graduated in 2014 with the smallest EMC Class on record!  Thanks to a wonderful opportunity to become part the original EMC Team in 2015 when EMC was beginning to grow into Europe and the South American Hemisphere,  I have had the honor to represent EMC as part of an incredibly talented group who traveled around North America and Europe giving presentations, workshops, Summit programs, mentoring students and became the first EMC Teaching Assistants!  As EMC bridged into the EMC International bvba in 2017, it was a wonderful time to be part of the evolving programs which have grown into the EMC we know today.  I, like all of you, have grown beyond my expectations thanks to this program.  What I have learned being part of this organization, as well as a student years ago, has helped prepare me for the next step in my journey.  But as all good things must come to an end in order that new opportunities may grow, I would like not to say good-bye but instead until we again meet along our individual journeys.  I want to wish each one of you all the best as you continue to dream, grow and follow your path to becoming the designers and people you were put on this earth to be! It has been my pleasure to have been your Expressions Newsletter editor.

A Moment with Tomas: New Frontier for Foundation Classes and Graduates

 As a new decade and a year begin, EMC is looking forward to an incredible year filled with growth and exciting new projects and events.  I had a moment to sit down with Tomas to talk about what lays ahead for EMC during 2020.

Q: What is different in 2020 for EMC?

Tomas: We are taking a look at the WHY within all programs and events for EMC moving forward.  There is sense, a feeling of movement that is taking place as EMC continues to evolve and grow.  EMC is adapting itself to the market without losing the why in our purpose.  EMC is really looking at the vertical approach of the Educational Process and not just the horizontal focus of what you see with workshops.  As 2020 unfolds, so will some very big projects that Christi and I are working on for the EMC Family.

Q. What specifically is your focus on the new educational approach for 2020?

Tomas: In the floral industry, we use techniques to create.  We know there are no new techniques but what we offer is new ways of combining these techniques to create something new.  There is a synergy and interaction between elements.  We give people the tools, the ideas which they can use.  We don't want to narrow ourselves to a trend.  We want to remain as open as possible so each designer can discover his or her own signature style. Each designer needs to find their creative potential.  Beauty is about creativity.  With the world of Artificial Intelligence, robots might be able to copy but they will never be able to create!  EMC's new vision is to work with people, designers who have the same energy and the same desire longing for possible growth. I want EMC to be the barometer for the Floral Industry.

Q. EMC is expanding its Foundation Classes.  Why?

Tomas: EMC will have for the first time 6 EMC Foundation Courses offered in one year.  Now the Foundation Theory Course and Self Practicum are being combined into one phase instead of two steps.  We will have 3 courses offered in Asia because there is such a high demand for the program and floral education in general. We will have 2 courses in North America and one in Romania for the first time.

Q. What does EMC have in store for EMC Graduates?

Tomas: EMC International bvba shareholder and EMC Class of 2016 Graduate Christi Lopez AIFD CFD EMC is working on a wonderful program for EMC Graduates which will be launched in July 2020.  As a graduate herself, she has been listening emphatically to the graduates who have been asking for a program exclusively for EMC graduates to help them continue to grow as EMC Designers and individuals.  The EMC Graduates have a huge passion for European Design specifically linked to their EMC Training.  If as EMC Designers, we do not grow, we will lose our passion.  We need to share this passion with peers who have the same vision. What better way for all the EMC Graduates to continue to grow and challenge themselves than a program tailored to their specific needs based on the EMC Elements and Principles they have learned collectively This program will start with a common ground learned during Foundation.  The added value from this program will be priceless! We will be slowly providing more details as we get closer to the launch date so stay tuned for more news! 

Members Corner

EMC Graduate Competes in Taiwan Cup Floral Competition Semi-finals

EMC Student Hsiao Chiu Jen was one of 27 Competitors to compete this past December in the Taipei Cup Flower Design competition at the Taipei Grand Hyatt hotel.  This competition was organized by the Chinese Flower Design Association.  Congratulations to Hasio Chiu Jen for his participation and making the EMC Family proud!

EMC Featured Graduate

 With EMC now approaching 8 years of offering education to members of the International Floral Community, it is always good to go back to the founding years and the first EMC Class of 2012.  One of the original graduates is Susanne Law AIFD EMC, the head designer of La Belle Fleur Floral Boutique in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.  As an educator and Floral Artist for over 20 years, Susanne enjoys challenging herself with new pursuits such as competitions and creative design projects. She is noted for her ability to design anywhere and with anything when the creativity bug strikes her! She considers herself a student of life and is always challenging herself to try something new.  Susanne loves sharing her passion with others and teaches at Surrey Continuing Education and Surrey College. 


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