Cycle of Life

emc graduates Sep 15, 2018

It is safe to say that life is a funny thing with unexpected surprises which makes you take notice and reflect.  For years, EMC students have been assigned different projects to complete during Part II SELF-PRACTICUM.

Design by Greg Lum AIFD CFD EMC 

This assignment is fascinating and in reality, is a ‘tell all’ about the student.  Historically, it shows the Instructors and Teaching Assistant who the student designer is most inspired by, the style that is closest to his or her heart and what level of design he or she is aspiring to achieve.  It is very common for the students to pick the big international names such as Tomas De Bruyne, Hitomi Gilliam, Gregor Lersch, Monique Vanden Berghe, Pim van den Akker and the list of European Designers goes on and on.  However, this year, we were surprised by some student’s choices.  Their designers of choice were EMC Alumni!  This to me and many others point to the growth and testimony of what Tomas and Hitomi envisioned oh so many years ago.  The mission and goal of EMC have always been to empower the EMC Alumni to become influential in the International Floral Community.  It is becoming evident that this dream is becoming a reality and the Floral Cycle of Life is becoming completed within the EMC process.



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