July 2019 Expression Newsletter

EMC makes a strong presence at AIFD AWAKEN S Symposium

As the International Floral Community came together in Las Vegas from 6-10 July for the American Institute of Floral Designer (AIFD) Annual Symposium, the EMC family was also very active during this event.  EMC had the opportunity to get together for a reunion at the Beer Park where graduates, students and the EMC bvba shareholders gathered.  During this gathering, Hitomi Gilliam, retired co-founder of EMC, was the guest of honor for her years of dedication and service. 

Many EMC Graduates and Students, including Stacey Carlton AIFD EMC, Arthur Williams AIFD EMC, Sherene Tan AIFD EMC, Summer Kwak EMC, Alejandro Figueria AIFD, were part of the Wabi Sabi Stage presentation that opened Symposium. 

Also, Julia...

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