EMC Core Program

EMC Core Program (2 parts) is focused on craftsmanship and the floral design process.  In order to apply the knowledge, one must first learn the theory. These building blocks offer the students the ability to boost their creativity and discover their signature design style. EMC Graduates, thanks in part to their EMC education have made their mark on the Floral Industry worldwide and are emerging leaders in the Floral Art World.

The investment for the Core Program is divided over the two parts and is 7000 Euros.

Officially Recognized

Your education will be certified by the Belgium Chamber of Commerce as well as The Royal Belgium Floral Association. Once certified, you will able to add the distinguished "EMC" initials to your name, as well as referred to as an European Master Certified designer. 

Why are there 2 Parts?

We know that an effective certification program takes months of class time to complete. EMC makes it possible to accomplish this in a carefully planned 2 PART SYSTEM taught in English.

An effective certification program must be a complete step-by-step process, which takes time. EMC has devised a workable timeline which makes it possible for more foreign students to take part in the opportunity to learn European Design.

Part I: FOUNDATION teaches all the basic skills, techniques, and theory required in the European Design teaching system in a very accelerated, yet comprehensive format. It is comprised of an intensive 7-Day on location class offered at various locations around the world. Followed by a 6-8 month Self-Practicum online portion.

  • The currency of a European design system, the most updated and commercially applicable set of knowledge and skills to inject into the international floral industry
  • Study of European Elements & Principle’s Expression & Classification
  • Reference to Nature’s Design – inspired by Mother Nature versus idea expression.
  • Proportions, structural and shape expressions
  • Updated work methods and applications for the new generation of floristry
  • Mechanics and Techniques of Construction, Structures, and application to a diverse range of jobs
  • Focus on the most current flower and plant care and handling procedures
  • Color Theory
  • Hand-tied Bouquet Classification; analyzing and defining the most up-to-date methodology, functions, and techniques
  • Classic European study relatable to today’s floral marketplace, and beyond…
  • Wedding Flowers: Analyzing and defining its Methodology, Shapes, Functions & Wiring Techniques
  • Sympathy Flowers: Seeing today's European designs mechanics and trends

PART I: SELF PRACTICUM is a self-study module between Foundation & Advanced whereby the student practices all of the skills and techniques learned in PART I: Foundation on daily basis to improve the execution and efficiency and ready yourself for Part II: Advanced.

  • Assigned schedule of skill practice is complemented by video tutorials which will demonstrate mechanics and techniques which may be useful to complete the assignment.
  • A list of floral nomenclature is given as required study to prepare for PART II. The minimum span between Part I and Part II must be no less than 6-8 months, in order to give the student time enough to practice becoming proficient in the learned skills.
  • Each student posts their assignment within our EMC website education module so that they are visible to the instructors and fellow students. All student work and its complete analysis will be evaluated and critiqued through the duration of this module by EMC Instructors, Educators, and Teaching Assistants.
  • The PART I: Self-Practicum students will also receive encouragement and advice from designated EMC Personal Mentors if requested.

PART II: ADVANCED explores the application of the creative process. Taking place in Brugge, Belgium, it’s where passion and emotion bring creativity to fruition.

  • This module teaches advanced application of practiced skills, knowledge, and functionality while presenting it artfully.
  • It is followed by a Final Examination (comprised of several exams both hands-on design and written), which determines the outcome of the European Master Certification process for each student.
  • Advanced Structure and Constructions: Multiple shapes & Techniques
  • Natural Flower Support classification; analyzing and defining its methodology
  • Emphasis on creativity, functionality and meticulous craftsmanship
  • Alternative sustainable design mechanics
  • How to create Tension, Emotion & ‘Gestalts’ in design
  • Insight into various Art Forms and styles; its inspirations and interpretations (field trip to the Louvre in Paris)


  • A certified EMC Floral Designer should be able to analyze and communicate the theory behind each design with a clear understanding of European elements and principles of design. #emcdesigner
  • He/she should be able to translate emotional value through the effective application of European elements & principles of design.
  • He/she will have the ability to develop and create a diverse range of European-inspired work in his/her own unique style.
FOUNDATIONS — Washington DC Area
March 1-7, 2020 FINISHED
FOUNDATIONS –– Timisoara, Romania
August 6-12, 2020
ADVANCED — Bruges, Belgium
November 8-16, 2020

EMC Technique Courses

To meet the needs of the EMC Family as it continues to grow EMC developed the addition of the Techniques Course. This course will be a supplement to the curriculum offered in the EMC Core Program. The 2-day workshop is open to students, graduates and anyone interested in enhancing their floral knowledge. They will learn 50 plus techniques to enhance their floral skills, elevate their floral designing, and increase their creativity. The EMC Techniques Course will be taught with European terminology. As it is open to students and graduates, It is a means to apply the essential theoretical knowledge acquired in EMC Core Program.

EMC Techniques is a 2-Day program taught by the EMC Instructor, Dalia Bortolotti EMC.

Are you interested in having an EMC Techniques Course in your area? Contact us at [email protected] to find out how you can bring this course to your country.

Techniques Course
Rome, Italy

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Have a question about the EMC Program? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below! If you still can’t find the answer you’re looking for, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]. We will be more than happy to help you with any inquiries!

From 8 to 12 months depending on the Part I dates you select.

We require EMC student to have had at least a basic design course, or minimum of 6 months’ work in floristry.  If no experience, we recommend taking the EMC Technique Course in advance.

No. You have a choice as to where you want to take the course all the while visiting some desirable locations!

Your responsibility to complete Part II:

  • 6 practical skill assignments
  • Nomenclature Project

The 250 entry Nomenclature project will require a careful management of time to complete. The hands-on design skills will need practice to prepare for entry into Part III.

EMC support team is willing to help to make sure you meet the standard to complete PART I. As long as all assignments and projects are completed, you can plan to continue on to PART II.

Absolutely. Half of the mark is taken off for misspelled names.

You will have the opportunity to re-test  a maximum of 2 times.

A Certificate of Completion is provided after each Part I & II. The Core Program European Masters Certification is presented after successfully completing the final examination.

PART I: A deposit is required to hold your space.

Part II: A €1,000.00 deposit is required to hold your space.

We do provide payment plans for the Core Program as well as the Techniques Courses.

All payments are non-refundable, but are transferable to future courses.

You will be surprised how distinctly different the European approach is to Elements and Principles of Design. Due to the fundamental nature of what is taught in EMC Part I, no one is excused from any part of the program no matter what your previous floral educational level might be.

You can register by clicking on the button of the class you wish to join.

Yes, there is a full EMC support team including personal mentors who you can communicate with to get extra help. Also, in PART I: Self Practicum, there are opportunities to ask as many questions as you want within our online community as you would do normally in any classroom situation.

Photography is permitted during any part of the EMC program. Video-taping is not allowed.

We provide a Core manual textbook as well as a Reference book which covers the complete content of study for EMC Core.

It is advised that the family join you towards the completion of the program when you are no longer pre-occupied by the workload and study schedule.

EMC Core is not a workshop. It is an educational program which gives you an insight to the creative floral design process.

Yes. We have our EMC Techniques and EMC+ Educational Experiences.

EMC Core vs. EMC Technique

EMC Core is focused on craftsmanship and the creative process. In order to apply the knowledge, one must first learn the theory. These building blocks offer the students the ability to boost their creativity and discover their signature design style. EMC graduates have made their mark on the floral industry worldwide and are emerging leaders in the Floral Art World.

The EMC Technique Course is focused on developing the hand skills a floral designer needs in order to be a confident designer. The course focuses heavily on the practical hand skills of design. These acquired techniques equip the floral designers with the ability to execute designs that highlight craftsmanship and skill. This 2 Day Course is taught within the terminology of EMC by an EMC Instructor.

No translator will be provided by EMC International directly. You are, however, welcome to hire a translator at your cost to come and join you during the class. We strongly suggest if there are several students that speak your language, you can come together and hire one to split your costs.


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