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EMC is bringing a star line-up to give you inspiration,

challenge your creative juices and activate you to create more consciously. 

Because in today's world, if you don't take hold of your future success... it will pass you by!

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Why You Need This ...
and Why You Need It Now!

As we enter into a new age of our floral industry, we realize what lies ahead is full of possibility!

At EMC, we always want to encourage conscious creativity and bring those we influence and those that influence us to new heights of awareness.

Most people are only the thermometer of their own life...letting the outside world control the temperature, and simply reacting. This often is the easier way to go, but we know that it isn't what sets you apart and keeps you growing. 

What if you became the thermostat and gained control over your circumstances? 

Think about it...how often do you wake up feeling in your gut that there's more for you but your'e missing out on life because you're going through the motions rather than claiming what life has for you?

In order to truly gain ownership over your success and legacy, you must explore and stretch yourself. We live in a new world...what we used to do just doesn't work any more. 

So, we've teamed up with some amazing people that we know can stretch you to new possibilities and you'll grow beyond what you thought was possible.

At the end of the 2 days, you'll walk away with new clarity, new ideas, new mindset and knowledge so you can take ownership of your success, and future.

It's time to bring creativity to action!

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What will you learn?

Most people have to overcome their challenge to be more creative, and get in a habit of having a creative flow.  

So in this 2 DAY EVENT, our speakers will reveal their insights in HOW they integrated creativity in their daily lives, helping them to lift them up to the next level by following 3 simple but important steps ...


Discovering the hurdles and roadblocks that stop you from being creative and seeing potential to perform at your best.


How to transform yourself to a higher level of creativity. Not only where to find inspiration, but how to translate it into reality.  As well as, how to come up with a creative flow that energizes you to go beyond your capacity to be creative. What behaviors does it take to lift yourself up to the next level?


Going to the next step from UNLOCKING YOUR creativity to UNLEASHING it.  What does it take to become the  your own creative future-paced HERO?

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>> Our EDGE fan-zen (fan-zine) full of articles, tips and tricks to keep you engaged. (June 15th)

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Who will you learn from?

Every single presenter, panelist, demonstrator is someone who has impacted many not only in our industry but worldwide in the creative arena. 

EMC Speaker - Frederic Duprez

Frédéric Dupré - is a passionate, professional, perfectionist and above all a teacher in the world! His career is rich, honored with glory in many competitions. But despite everything, it is this indescribable love of plants that drives my life and my thirst for innovation and technical research to always go higher!

EMC Speaker - Charlotte Bartholome

Charlotte Bartholomé - After her training in floral design, she holds a master's degree at the Green Academy Belgium where she was taught by Geert Pattyn, Moniek Vanden Berghe, Tomas De Bruyne... She has her own flower shop near Brussels, and is also a team member of the magazine Fleur @ Home, the consumer magazine of Fleur Creatief.

EMC Speaker - An Theunynck

An Theunynck - An Theunynck is a freelance journalist for floristry, editor-in-chief of the international magazine Fleur Creatif and communications and marketing consultant for the flower industry.

EMC Speaker - Daniel Santa Maria

Daniel Santa Maria - My vision of the florist is extensive; It is the result of the integration of all artistic principles and methodologies related to design, crafts, gardening and art. My floral pieces always start from a concept developed using the best techniques together with a careful choice of materials.

EMC Speaker - Dmitry Turcan

Dmitri Turcan was born in Moldova. He lived and worked in Milan and Azerbaijan where his style in floristry (a combination of incompatible — luxury and restraint) was formed. He’s a founder of Turcan International Flower School and Turcan Flower Bureau (St. Petersburg, Russia)

EMC Speaker - Tomasz Max Kuczynski

Tomasz Max Kuczynski - Finalist of many floral competitions. Designer, demonstrator and teacher in many schools and organizations all over the world. CEO of the International Institute of Floral Design in Poland.

EMC Speaker - Dianne Braadhart

Dianne Braafhart - Educated in styling & design & visual merchandise, Dianne brings her creative mind and visual thinking skills to the team at Tooolbox.

EMC Speaker - Denise Patterson

Denise Patterson - I'm a passionate marketer who has been with Smithers-Oasis since 2016. I take particular delight in the floral industry because it is driven by the same things, as flowers are woven into everyday life and are particularly critical in our times of greatest joy and sorrow.

EMC Speaker - Anuja Joshi

Anuja Joshi - Anuja heads Interflora India and has led the execution of floral décor at some of the largest weddings and corporate events in India. She is a trained classical dancer, interior designer and an alumnus of the London School of Economics (LSE).

EMC Speaker - Janine Borduin

Janine Borduin - Educated in Science of arts with a Teacher degree in Fashion & Textiles. Janine is the product -developer, designer for textile and seasonal products in Europe, Asia, trend presenter, concept designer at Tooolbox.

EMC Speaker - Sahid Nahim

Sahid Nahim - Owner and founder of New Bloom Solutions, an innovative marketing & floral industry consulting and innovation facilitation agency. Host of “The Bloom Show”, guest blogger on Thurds.com and much more.

EMC Speaker - Jan Van Doesburg

Jan van Doesburg is a retired teacher and head of the Floral Design Department of Aeres University. Jan was educated and active as a florist, achieved a master in floral design, graduated from art academy (painting) , studied Chinese language and is an author of books and articles in professional magazines.

EMC Speaker - Tomas De Bruyne

Tomas De Bruyne - internationally acclaimed author, speaker and teacher. Co-founder and director of European Master Certification, a unique program aiming to empower designers to grow & expand their creativity.

EMC Speaker - Felicitas Lehner

Felicitas Lehner is the founder of STYLIT, the trend-oriented creative brand by LEHNER WOOL (Austria). With her background in floristry, Felicitas entered the floral industry in 2008 with the wide product range of colored cords, ribbons, strings and felts from soft, natural sheep’s wool, and set a new standard.

EMC Speaker - Piet Van Kampen

Piet Van Kampen International trader of cut flowers and plants since 1973, co-founder of G-fresh and co-founder of Floral Fundamentals. Has sold his export company DGI to the FM Group in 2019 and now focuses solely on connecting growers and florists .

EMC Speaker - Tanus Saab

Tanus Saab - Architect and Landscape Designer since (2001)and designer of more than 1000 events. Champion of the Brazilian Cup of Floral Design 2001. • Champion of the America's Cup 2002 in Cancun, Mexico. • Eighth place in the Fleurop-Interflora World Cup Berlin 2015

EMC Speaker - Stacey Ball

Stacey Ball AIFD EMC - as an artist, she celebrates the value in the vast diversity of the floral industry by wearing many hats including educator, author, consultant, event designer, magazine contributor, and product developer. Internationally published, her latest work is published in IMPERMANENT in which she co-authored with Arthur Williams.

EMC Speaker - Orit Hertz

Orit Hertz EMC - Owner of Orit Hertz floral design school based in Israel. Instructor. Event designer. Freelance florist. Graduated – ICSF of the British Society of Floristry. EMC. Gregor Lersch seminars

EMC Speaker - Joez Azout

Jose “Joey” Azout - 25 year floral industry veteran who has participated in growing, handling, importing, wholesaling and retailing flowers. Have travelled around the world sourcing rose varieties to grow and customers to sell them to. Owner of Alexandra Farms.

EMC Speaker - Sarah Dampbelt

Sarah Campbell - Sarah Campbell has become a leader in the luxury wedding industry being called upon by a variety of media sources such as NBC, ABC, FOX as well as magazines, blogs and newspapers and even Netflix.

EMC Speaker - Christi Lopez

Christi Lopez AIFD EMC has 30+ years in floral building multiple 7-figure businesses. Now, a floral coach running the Floral Business Academy as well as the COO of EMC International.

EMC Speaker - Diana Toma

Diana Toma EMC Born in Romania, Diana Toma is a certified floral designer. Her love for nature and art is beautifully integrated in dynamic designs, with attitude. She is also a passionate teacher and coach, member of the EMC core team and editor for the EMC blog.

EMC Speaker - Alex Mateiu

Alex Mateiu - an artist photographer from Romania, with an eye for beauty and the skills to capture it in a glimpse of a moment. Alex views his photography as a work of art by adding incredible skills and technical expertise into finessing it.

EMC Speaker - Arnold Wittkamp

Arnold Wittkamp - founder of Thursd. As a true plant & flower lover he wants to offer a stage for professionals in the floral industry to promote flowers, plants and related products.

EMC Speaker - Ellen Van Turhnout

Ellen Van Turnhout - CEO of the family-owned Agora Group. Growing up in the sector, Ellen now leads as the second-generation of the firm, successfully driving the market as the lead in wholesale for Belgium and France. Ellen has a broad and deep experience and understanding of the history and the future evolutions of the sector, the people and the impressively vast range of products.

EMC Speaker - Anahit Hakobyan

Anahit Hakobyan AIFD EMC - In early 2015 she began offering a series of workshops sharing her artistic floral techniques to designers eager to add new life to their work. It is her passion for the industry that led her to start “Viva La Flora Live” Podcast and “411 Floral” informational platform.

Bringing the CREATIVE world closer together.

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EMC Go LIVE Event will be an immersive and invaluable experience taking place over two action-packed days.

Tuesday, July 13:

3:00-3:30pm Welcome - Christi Lopez & Tomas De Bruyne

3:30-4:30pm 'The conscious creative within you' - Lecture + Q&A - Tomas De Bruyne

4:30-5:30pm 'Art Fusion' - workshop + Q&A - Stacey Bal 

4:30-5:30pm 'Where do we go now in our floral industry?'  - PANEL discussion + Q&A - An Theunynck, Dianne Braafhart & Janine Borduin, Ellen van Turnhout, Jose About, Denise Patterson, Diana Toma

4:30-5:30pm 'Integrating with nature as a way of life' - demonstration + Q&A - Orit Hertz

5:30-6:30pm Open Chat

6:30-7:30pm 'Modern Floristry in Vintage Vases' - demonstration - Dmitry Turcan

7:30-8:30pm 'How to Grow your Floral business by using technology to network and collaborate.' - Presentation + Q&A - Sahid Nahim

7:30-8:30pm 'Looking into other people's kitchens' - Interview with Piet Van Kampen

7:30-8:30pm  Open Chat

8:30-9:30pm Cocktail Hour/Networking

Wednesday, July 14:

3:00-3:15pm Welcome - Christi Lopez & Tomas De Bruyne

3:15-4:30pm 'Where Creativity meets you' - Demonstration + Q&A - Tomas De Bruyne

4:30-5:30pm 'Thursd Integrates It All' - presentation + Q&A - Arnold Wittkamp 

4:30-5:15pm Open chat

4:30-5:30pm 'Convince your customers with colours and trends' - demonstration + Q&A - Charlotte Bhartolome

5:30-6:30pm ''Why Should We Be A Conscious Creative?' - PANEL discussion + Q&A - Jan van Doesburg - Daniel Santa Maria - Frederic Dupre - Tomas De Bruyne 

6:30-7:30pm 'Photographic Perspectives with Flowers' - presentation + Q&A  Alex Matieu

6:30-7:30pm 'Setting the wool standard: Successful integration of 100% sustainable wool products into the floral industry' - presentation + Q&A - Felicitas Lehner (STYLIT by Lehner Wolle)

6:30-7:30pm Open Chat

7:30-8:30pm 'Unification of styles' - Workshop + Q&A - Tomasz Max Kuczyński 

8:30-9:30pm 'Expanding Creativity through Small Intimate Events' - PANEL discussion + Q&A - Christi Lopez - Tanus Saab - Anuja Joshi - Sarah Campbell - Anahit Hakobyan

9:30-10:00pm Closing Remarks

**Schedule is subject to change. Please check back for updates.


We're excited for you to meet our sponsors for this event!