Educational Partners

What is an Educational Partner?
A company that partners with EMC by supporting our endeavors through various means. We believe in each of their efforts as well and strive to give back to them through encouraging our students and graduates to know and use their products and services.  

Educational Partners

Fleur Creatif

One of today's best floral design magazine's in Europe. Fleur Creatif has been one of our Premier Educational Partners for almost a decade. For subscription information, click here.

Alexandra Farms

Located in the mountains of Colombia, Alexandra Farms is a boutique grower specializing in nostalgic, romantic, fresh cut garden roses. Alexandra Farms provides EMC students with roses in all of our courses and strives to educate the savviest of designers in the world of garden roses.

Oasis Floral Products

Smithers-Oasis strives to further floral design and the longevity of cut flowers & plants by providing the best products and technology. Their global reach provides research and development in a way that no other company can. EMC is proud to partner with them in educating the next generation of designers. 


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