European Master Certification
Techniques Course:
2-Day Course in Learning New Techniques

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When: June 11-12, 2019, 

Where: Valencia, Spain

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Are you...

  • The Floral Designer who is looking to enhance his or her technical skills?
  • The Student of Floristry who wants a continuing education opportunity?
  • The Floral Teacher who is looking to learn new technical skills to teach his other students?
  • The Flower Arranger (i.e. Garden Club) who wants to attend a hands-on workshop?
  • The Passionate Floral Designer who wants to increase his or her creativity?
  • A budding Floral Designer who is just beginning in the industry and wants to learn how to design with botanicals?
  • The Floral Artist who has an interest in European Floral Design and Craftsmanship?
  • Interested in learning the art of European Floral Design?
  • Wanting to enhance your floral knowledge with new and innovative design ideas?
This 2-Day Course is for YOU!

What is Included?

Glad you asked!

We show you new combinations and ways to work with shapes, colors, techniques and materials. Dalia teaches you to look closely at flowers and discover the different emotions and potential to communicate the right message.

You'll get:

  • 30 techniques in 2 days

  • Insights into the creative thinking process that can make a difference.

  • Discover the secrets behind the success of many EMC graduates.

  • All Flowers and Hardgoods included

  • Lunch for both days

  • Work with Oasis™ products

  • BONUS: Oasis™ gift


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Discover how to analyze/build up your designs from a different perspective.

Learn from de-construction~ analyze your designs step-by-step to view the materials and techniques in detail.

In the afternoon, you will implement the theory by experimenting with the different techniques. Afterwards, Dalia will critique the class designs.


Welcome to the World of "Wedding" techniques and materials.

Surprise your brides with the latest in classic, contemporary, and avant-garde design.

Practice your new technical skills with "hands-on" application in the afternoon. Before the end of class that day, Dalia evaluates the designs.

Hear from a student...

As an addict to this fascinating program and wanting more knowledge, I decided to attend the EMC Techniques Course, taught by Dalia Bortolotti EMC. It was fascinating, for me as a designer. 

What a fantastic way to experience, to interact and reinforce the knowledge learned during my journey within the EMC program, AND learn more about the techniques of EMC taught by Dalia. It's allowed me to have more impact on my floral expressions every day.

Within this course, they have taken care of every detail just like they do within the EMC program~a path that I want to continue exploring and developing within it.

My experience within it gives me to opportunity to recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn more.

~Alejandro Figueroa AIFD CFD

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