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How FLORAL DESIGNERS Expand and Boost Their Creativity to Gain More Impact and Exposure.

Have You Noticed The Shift Happening Right Now?

Why is that the fastest growing designers aren't focused solely using the "how to's" of design but are stepping out of the boundaries
of what we thought was the "right" way to design?

Here's what most people do, and this may be you...

They think they need to follow the latest trend in order to grow an audience.
So they start designing and showing their floral designs and asking "does look okay?"...producing more and more designs just so they can show more people how many flowers they are using or the style that matches everyone else. 

And it may work...slowly, over time.
But, why do designers who are some of the greatest in the world, not go with the trend, yet, grow more than most? 
Why do certain designers get THOUSANDS of views while creating AMAZING designs and using OUT-OF-THE-BOX
 processes to get maximized impact?

What most creatives miss is that there is something deeper going on. 

Smart creatives have realized that it's not learning the latest technique, trend or tip, but KNOWING the WHAT AND WHY.
They see things differently and they reinforce their creativity by putting knowledge into action.

Seeing the POTENTIAL of the botanicals and materials they are using.
Creating the VISUAL IMPACT and EXPRESSING EMOTION by the way they design on a conscious level that most don't implement.

What if you leaned into that? How much faster would you grow?

What if you stood out because you stood for something?

What if you shifted your client's perspective and reinforced their visual outcome?

What if you tapped into THE FLORAL TRANSFORMATION that the New Generation of Conscious Creatives are using?

WELL, let's find out...register for The Floral Transformation video series
so you can start putting your knowledge into KNOWING and adding IMPACT!

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Andra Fiser

By the time the Floral Transformation began I was 100 percent that I would join the EMC classes. 
I was conscious, I was present, each time the videos were up I didn't need to be convinced by a class that I was sure to take, but it was a pleasure to learn new terms, new learning methods, new vocabulary in this domain.

WHAT's the Floral Transformation ALL ABOUT?

  • Tomas will go live 3 times over the next two weeks to give you some insights into what today's creative designer needs in order to succeed.
  • We are also including our previous videos series that will be posted in between the LIVE's so you can gain some additional wisdom with insights on colour, visual impact, behind-the-scenes of a recent floral installation, and gain knowledge from Tomas De Bruyne's own experiences.
  • Be a part of the 'The Floral Transformation" - Private Group on the Circle App
  • Live Q&A interaction with Tomas De Bruyne i group during each video

Expand and Boost Their Creativity.

REGISTER NOW / 3-Part LIVE Video Series / Starts September 30th