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Welcome to the EMC Core Certification Program...

where you will take the first step towards unlocking your full creative potential as a floral designer.

Whether you're new to floral design or have been honing your skills for years, this course is designed to help you find your own unique style and stand out from the crowd.

We understand that you're looking for a new way to approach your thought process of design, and that's exactly what the EMC Core Program will provide. With our cutting-edge techniques and expert guidance, you'll learn how to balance the infinite possibilities in your designs and unleash your inner artist.

We know that you already understand the importance of understanding "how to" design. It's the key to leveraging your time, making a bigger impact, differentiating yourself from your competition, and making a living doing what you love.

Unfortunately, many in the industry are still teaching outdated norms - some that we find rigid and limiting. That's why the EMC Core Program was created, to help you stay ahead of the curve and stay current in the ever-evolving world of floral design. We use a unique approach to create your floral designs so that you can learn the fundamentals while still having impact with YOUR creativity. 

You know that being able to find your signature style and take your skills to the next level is the tipping point you need to reach your full potential as a floral designer.

So, what are you waiting for? Join us today on this life-changing journey, and let us help you unleash your creative style and become the next generation of top floral designers. The EMC Core Program starts with an application process, so don't miss this opportunity to step up your game!

Step into your creative potential...

Master the constant flow of creativity that you wish you had learned from the beginning.


A 2-Part Journey in Floral Design Craftsmanship

Master the Theory, Enhance Your Creativity, and Find Your Signature Style with Our Expert-Led Program in English as well as Spanish and Chinese.

Invest in Your Future - The EMC Core Program is priced separately per course and offers flexible payment options to fit your schedule. 

Plus, gain access to our top-rated personal development courses and coaching. 

Our process is designed with your convenience in mind, offering you the choice to navigate each step at your own pace with separate pricing for each.


Fundamentals of Floral Design - ‚ā¨2697

Get ready to see into the basics of floral design through a different lens with the Foundation course! You'll learn all about the elements and principles of design through a unique combination of online learning and small group coaching, and put your newfound knowledge into practice. Prerequisite to move on to our next course which is the Advanced.

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Advanced (Part 1-Practicum)  


Time to put your skills to the test! The Advanced Practicum course builds on the foundation you've established, with a focus on applying what you've learned in a more hands-on setting. Get ready to take your design skills to the next level and prepare yourself for the Advanced Course and examinations! Giving you the confidence and knowledge for this investment in yourself.

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Advanced (Part 2)


This is it, the final stretch! The Advanced course is where you'll with Tomas to refine your skills and earn your certification. This hands-on, in-person course takes place in Belgium and is the ultimate test of your abilities. Get ready to show the world what you've got!


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Achieve Recognition with a dual Certification by the Belgium Chamber of Commerce and The Royal Belgium Floral Association.

Join the Ranks of the Elite with the EMC Designation -
Add the Prestigious "EMC" Initials to Your Name and be Known as a European Master Certified Designer.

From Lead Instructor Tomas De Bruyne

The journey of infinite creativity starts with knowing and implementing the basics of the language of design.

- Tomas De Bruyne


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The EMC experience continues to challenge me every day. I look at the world of flowers with a whole new awareness that forces me to think, think and rethink every design I create. I love the study of nomenclature, the endless practice of new techniques and the mix of the most unlikely materials. Looking at architecture, fashion, and the gigantic world of art for inspiration has changed my view of floral design forever.

-Rebecca Carter AIFD EMC



EMC pushed me to delve deeper into the thought process of "the why" I design the way I do. To truly connect and define your personal style is enlightening, to be able to look at other's work, be it floral design, fashion or architecture, and to understand it on a completely different level is a real game changer. EMC has been the best educational experience in my career.

-Arthur Williams AIFD EMC 



When I was looking for a floral design master certification. 

I was introduced to EMC by a colleague from the UK. EMC exposed me to the wonderful European style. The theoretical knowledge that I have gained is a true treasure for me. It enriched my world and elevate me as a floral designer. Also, I have met wonderful and talented floral colleagues around the world. through EMC. I am happy that I chose EMC.

-Orit Hertz EMC


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