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EMC Core Program (3 parts) is focused on craftsmanship and the floral design process.  In order to apply the knowledge, one must first learn the theory. These building blocks offer the students the ability to boost their creativity and discover their signature design style. EMC Designers, thanks in part to their EMC education have made their mark on the Floral Industry worldwide and are emerging leaders in the Floral Art World.

The investment for the Core Program is divided over the three courses each priced separately and also offered with payment plans so you can take them on your timetable. The overall investment for 2023 is approximately €11,000.

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EMC Certificate

Core Program Accreditation

Your education will be certified by the Belgium Chamber of Commerce as well as The Royal Belgium Floral Association.

Once certified, you will able to add the distinguished "EMC" initials to your name, as well as referred to as a European Master Certified designer.


3 Part System

  • Foundation (8 weeks online)
  • Practicum (8 weeks online)
  • Advanced (9 days in-person in Belgium)

Why are there 3 parts?

We know that an effective certification program takes months of class time to complete. EMC makes it possible to accomplish this in a carefully planned 3 PART SYSTEM taught in English.

An effective certification program must be a complete step-by-step process, which takes time. EMC has devised a workable timeline which makes it possible for students to learn and implement the EMC Elements and Principles of design in a feasible, yet energetic rhythm and a blended learning experience. It is a new and unique way of thinking and approaching the design process.

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The EMC Program was a total game changer for me. The curriculum and community provide an equally challenging and nurturing experience. The confidence I gained, the new global design language I now speak, and the awareness of my own artistic and professional identity has enhanced my career as a leader in floral design. The personal transformation that EMC provides was the unexpected win of completing the process. I proudly carry the significant gains and sharpened perspective with me on my ongoing journey with visual art. 

Stacey Bal AIFD EMC


And, there's more coming!

Starting this fall, we're adding more educational opportunities for you to grow...not only in creativity, but for those of you who are also entrepreneurs, we're adding some fantastic affiliate partners to bring help you scale and flourish in your business.

Then, coming in January 2022, we've got creative workshops for you! As well as, special "Alumni only" offerings. These workshops will fill your #everlearning cup and help you expand your journey as a conscious creative.

📖 Full Course

Retail Business 101

Join Mike the Florist as he gives you the basis of how to run and market your floral business for 2022 and beyond.


💸 5-Day Workshop

Creative Brand Bootcamp

Christi Lopez gives you a deep dive into how-to relate to attract your audience by telling your story while sharing your brand values.


🍾 Full Course

Wedding Sales System

Ready to implement a system for not only getting the leads into your wedding business but also gaining the process to book 90% of your consults? This system is the answer you've been waiting for.


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