Inspiration at the EMC Go Live Event

Jun 23, 2021

Alexandra Farms, beyond all its roses

Jose Azout: "Achieving great results is all about cooperation and adaptability."

When designers hear the name Alexandra Farms we instantly think of the gorgeous garden roses they provide, which are always a great source of inspiration when it comes to design, right? But what if we look beyond all its beautiful roses and get inspired from the work they actually do to provide us these amazing product? What if we search for inspiration not only in the flowers themselves, but in the business approach, the care for people, the way Alexandra Farms tackled all of the challenges of these strange and unprecedented times?

At EMC we encourage florists and designers to truly step out of their bubble, to focus on all the aspects of the floral industry, as...

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It's demonstration time!

Jun 20, 2021

Integration with flowers at EMC Go Live Event

Check the line up of amazing designers showcasing their take on INTEGRATION at the EMC Go Live Event

The EMC GO Live Event is hosting not one, but four floral design demonstrations with four fantastic floral designers who are not only highly regarded professionals, but also amazing artists and signature style designers who will share their knowledge and insight. 

Who and what?

Modern floristry in vintage vases with Dmitry Turcan

Integrating with nature as a way of life with Orit Hertz

Convince your customers with colours and trends with Charlotte Bhartolome

Where Creativity meets you with Tomas De Bruyne

There's not much can be said once a line-up of top designers like this and honestly,...

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Piet van Kampen

Jun 19, 2021

"Looking into other people's kitchen"

Insight into the floral industry at the EMC Go Live Event

This is the title Piet van Kampen has given to his contribution to the EMC Go Live event. He is going to be interviewed by Diana Toma and the topic of the discussion will be just that: how can florists and growers learn from each other? And where does this lead us to? How can we improve communication? At the end of the day, to put it in his own words "flowers have to be sold with a message and there is only one single client, that is the final customer who pays". No matter how many varying intermediary sectors of the business are there in the middle (wholesellers, hardgood producers, transporters, etc) the flower will always be born in the hands of a grower and the...

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Sarah Campbell Talks Events

Jun 16, 2021


Join the EMC Go Live Event to get inspired by experts!

Sarah Campbell is a renowned wedding expert having launched multiple wedding businesses. Her first business was a thriving event planning firm, and it was from working in this area that she saw a need in the industry for a high-end florist serving Annapolis and the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  She launched Intrigue Design & Décor, concentrating on weddings and social events up and down the East Coast of the United States. She has become a leader in the industry, with appearances on many of the television and radio networks and featured in magazines, blogs, and newspapers.  Recently, she stepped out of her comfort zone and was one of the competitors in the Netflix competition, ‘The Big Flower...

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Post-COVID floral industry

Jun 14, 2021

Focus On The Future 

EMC Go Live Event 2021 panel discussion: future trends and business developments influence the floral industry, worldwide  

Flowers are at the core of our creative metier, but if we think about it, it has an entire world move around its existence. The floral industry is moving forward and sits now at the very verge of a new post-pandemic world, when countries are starting to open up and  in some way or the other we start to see a light at the end of the tunnel. But this industry is such a complex system of connections between growers, producers, distributers, designers, florists, magazines promoting floral design, retail marketing, accessories, floral education and so on, all surrounding the flower. And even more so, we are influenced by so...

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Fleur Créatif editor-in-chief at the EMC Go Live Event 

Jun 10, 2021

Inspiration is everywhere!

with An Theunynck

An Theunynck is a freelance journalist for floristry, and for more than 12 years now she has been editor-in-chief of the international magazine Fleur Creatif. She is also a communications and marketing consultant for the flower industry. She sees herself as an ambassador for flowers and plants and wants to convince everyone of the power of flowers.And it does not stop here, as her expertise translates in working as editor at the German trade magazine Florieren. She is very much involved in the running of Fleuramour, one of Europe's most prestigious floral events set in the historic grounds of the National Commandery at Alden Biesen, Belgium, as well as the Florademy - Green Academy - a floral school for professionals which offered young...
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Tooolbox at the EMC Go Live

Jun 04, 2021

Future Trends

with trend presenters and stylists Janine Borduin and Dianne Braafhart

Decisions you make today should reflect the vision of tomorrow's trends. What are the new developments in the world and how can these be converted within your business and your design. Companies such as Tooolbox specialise in answering that question and many more, picking up new trends, creative work and advising businesses on how to use trends to their benefit.

Janine Borduin and Dianne Braafhart are two of the co-funders of Tooolboxa creative concept that focuses on the translation of trends. Developing new trend themes, offering new designs and commercial presentation of their clients collection is their specialty. With great experience behind them, they each contribute with...

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EMC Go Live EVENT releases EDGE

May 31, 2021

T H E  F A N Z I N E

fanzine is a publication produced by enthusiasts of a particular cultural phenomenon for the pleasure of others who share their interest.

Our phenomenon is called floral design and if you are among those who share the interest in this wonderful and creative metier, you are in the right place. As an addition to joining the EMC Go Live Event, you will receive the first issue of EDGE, the /'fan,zën/ for creatives in motion, a collection of interviews, insight into floral design and creative resources to inspire you as conscious creative designer.

At EMC we are enthusiastic about floral design, we love to dive into the the depths of the creative thought process, we are curios to see and hear other perspectives. 

We believe that...

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Integrating technology for a creative floral business

May 27, 2021

Sahid Nahim Talks Innovation at EMC Go Live Event

If you don’t know who Sahid Nahim is, it’s about time you found out!

He is the new guy on the block, the one with the crazy ideas and zero floral design experience. He also brings a breath of fresh air to the floral industry, understanding the business from different perspectives. Sahid has always been looking at if from outside in and truly believes there is so much better we could do as a community. 

New Bloom Solutions was founded from a genuine desire to contribute to the development of the floral industry, mainly by integrating technology into it. It is a company that, through Sahid’s voice, advocates for innovation within the community and collaboration within our industry.

Getting to know Sahid Nahim

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Workshops @EMC Go Live Event

May 24, 2021

Inspiration. Innovation. Integration. 

Virtual workshops at EMC Go Live Event. Designers: Stacey Bal and Tomasz Max Kuczynski.

Workshops are such an entertaining and insightful form of floral education, worldwide. It is a touching base  interaction with designers who are open to share their knowledge and instruct step-by -step, challenge by challenge, following a clear line of execution of a specific design.

But workshops are so much more than that. A conscious creative can follow the development of an idea, the integration of materials, the manipulation of botanicals and the use of various techniques. There is so much more to learn from such a form of education as it allows a sneak peak into the mind and the atelier of amazing designers and that values much more than...

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