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For this edition of the EDGE fanzine we’re looking into showcasing outstanding examples of the
transformative power of culture, hoping to inspire you in broadening your thoughts and opening your mind to new possibilities.

The fanzine covers culture as an umbrella over so many creative directions where floral design can bloom. From studies of colour as a cultural element, to inspirational techniques
and insight into the culture of personal growth, there’s a taste of culture for all creatives
who are open to learn and explore new opportunities.

As the ultimate floral art competition has recently ended, The Interflora World Cup is reviewed and analysed in a special addendum of 50 pages within this edition of EDGE. Close-ups, insigh, interviews and analysis are included. We promise you will see the World Cup, retroactively, from a completely new perspective!

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Delve into the culture of personal growth in this issue's Inspirational section. Explore how cultural elements, like color, shape lives and perceptions, offering a rich tapestry for floral designs. Immerse yourself in diverse traditions and unique approaches to floral artistry, providing fresh visions for creativity and growth. This section promises to uplift, motivate, and broaden your horizons in unexpected ways.




Embark on a journey through the realm of possibility within the cultural landscape Interflora's World Cup. Explore the various ways culture influences imagination, birthing unprecedented styles and techniques in floral art. Find exhilaration in the convergence of cultural diversity and inventive floral expression, fueling your imaginative spirit as you navigate the pages of this vibrant section.





Unearth the mysteries of the latest trends with a focus on the cultural nuances of floral design, gain comprehensive insights and useful information to enhance your creative journey. Experience the culture of techniques that drive modern floral designs, and keep your creativity dynamically in motion as you delve into the allure of the unknown.



Venture into where cultural exploration meets colour. Uncover the latest insights into the culture of colour, highlighting unique and contemporary approaches. Explore the intersection of color and innovation, and be prepared to see the world of floral design through a refreshingly new and exciting lens. Witness how culture propels the field to uncharted territories. 


Don't miss out on the chance to discover the latest designs and techniques from some of the world's most talented floral designers!

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