Have you ever pondered the power lines in your floral design?

Imagine the transformation they can bring to your creations. What if you could master the art of using lines not only to enhance beauty but to communicate more clearly your clients wishes with precision. And leave a lasting impression with your floral expressions.

Embark on an online journey where creativity knows no bounds.
The Magic of Lines isn't just a course; it's your passport to a world where every line tells your unique story.

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Expand and unleash your creativity with our educational offerings: The Core of what we do: Our European Master Certification Program , as well as Quick Wins, Designer Series, and E&P Courses.

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Who is EMC? 


EMC - short for ‘EUROPEAN MASTER CERTIFICATION’ is what we are about. Who we are is an educational team that uses it's platforms to expose designers to the Infinite Creative Effect (ICE) and we teach with a driven, engaged and passionate team. 
Designers are introduced to new design styles, shapes, color combinations, techniques, materials, and creative ways of using those materials.

Our signature EMC CORE PROGRAM shows its students how to look at flowers closely by discovering the differences in their personalities, emotions, and possibilities, thus learning to use them to the fullest variety of ways. 
EMC creates a culture of engagement for floral creatives in pursuit of enhancing their potential. We also  build a community stimulated by the same growth and ambition with the global floral industry.



We ultimately believe that each of us, as designers, are constantly seeking and yearning for a continual flow of creative ideas, ambition, and inspiration.

This only comes from implementing the knowledge that we are taught and taking it to the "knowing" stage.

Once this has been accomplished, we allow ourselves to be changed, or open toward becoming a "conscious creative"; one that does not seek out the next trendy "trick or tip" while discovering the infinite creative possibilities that surround us. Hence, our Core Program brings this to fruition for European Master Certification graduates.


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Over 200 graduates have become conscious creatives... 

EMC gave me a clearer idea of the European style, helped me to shape my design processes by strengthening my knowledge and gave me a broader and richer view of floral design. It was also a golden opportunity to know extraordinary designers world wide.

Edith Guzman EMC



EMC pushed me to delve deeper into the thought process of "the why" I design the way I do. To truly connect and define your personal style is enlightening, to be able to look at other's work, be it floral design, fashion or architecture, and to understand it on a completely different level is a real game changer. EMC has been the best educational experience in my career.

Arthur Williams AIFD EMC
United States

Through the EMC Core Program, I have learned a very precise, basic and methodical floral design language. It is a rational theory design concept. I learned a more efficient way of the design process. In my opinion, the important thing about learning floral design course is "systematic" study. Gaining so much during EMC Core Program, it has become the cornerstone of my floral career.

Caroline Li DanYang EMC

EMC has sent me on a personal and professional quest to discover myself as a floral artist. I started my journey in 2015, finished the course in 2016 and have kept up with experimental works on my own time. The very nature of the course has given me the confidence and permission to create unapologetically and pursue my love for the craft.

Jenny Thomasson AIFD EMC PFCI
United States 

When I was looking for a floral design master certification, I was introduced to EMC by a colleague from the UK. EMC exposed me to the wonderful European style. The theoretical knowledge that I have gained is a true treasure for me. It enriched my world and elevated me as a floral designer. Also, I have met wonderful and talented floral colleagues around the world through EMC.

Orit Hertz EMC

The Core Program gave me a new direction to create floral design. Not only learning the elements and principles of design, but also built up my confidence to use flowers as self-expression. It was my first time to realize that every flower has their personalities, emotions and possibilities. The new way of thinking enrich my design. It's broadened my horizons.

Karen Wang EMC

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