European Master Certification
Core Program:

When: September 21 - 29, 2025

Where: Bruges, Belgium

Who: Eligible students that have completed Foundation & Practicum

Cost: €4,800


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Get to Experience First-Hand
Europe at It's Finest!

This portion of the Core Program
culminates here in Bruges with the ultimate European experience.
All your hard work comes into a clearer focus with this final stage of your educational journey: Advanced.

Advanced European Design

Continue your educational journey in the advanced portion with theory and hands-on application.

Red Soiree

Experience a Night on The Executive Team to let loose and celebrate your hard work! You're invited to an exclusive evening celebrating YOU with delicious food and drink! Dress in RED for this fun evening.  

Trip to Paris

Enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore the City of Lights, Paris on a charter bus day trip! You're trip includes a pass to the Louvre Museum as you prepare for your final assignments.


Bruges City Hall Graduation

Experience the thrill of graduation day at City Hall with a ceremony, where you'll receive your EMC certification and celebrate with your classmates and instructors.

European Wholesalers

Discover the excitement and diversity of products with trips to European wholesalers as you take in all the accoutrements  that Europe is known for!

Translating Art into Floral Interpretation

Learn from the best and discover how to bring your floral expressions to life interpreting art and translating it into breathtaking floral designs. 

Student World-wide Community

Make memories and friends that will last a lifetime with networking opportunities with your peers, and lifetime access to the EMC Alumni Community.


Testing for EMC Certification

Put your skills to the test with two challenging and informative exam days, where you'll have the opportunity to demonstrate your mastery of the EMC Core Program.

Here's What You Will Get:

  • In-Person Class Days with Tomas De Bruyne, Lead Instructor and an EMC Teaching Assistant
  • Day Trip to Paris on a Charter Bus
  • Two Exam Days
  • Lunch On-Site during Class & Exam Days
  • All Flowers and Hardgoods included (excluding final exam; details to follow)
  • Red Soiree Evening
  • Graduation Day at City Hall
  • Trips to Wholesalers


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Welcome to the Venice of the North. Fantastic Bruges - join us at the Crowne Plaza in City Center awaits you.

This luxurious stay includes sauna, swimming pool and fitness center as well as a fabulous restaurant and terrace to enjoy in the center of the city.

Explore the Crowne Plaza

Are you ready for the final step? See how EMC impacted Patti Bowman...

During international travels, I collected European floral magazines and was inspired by
the artistry of EMC graduates.

Although, I am formally trained and certified in Ikebana and
Western design, the EMC European Certification program significantly expanded my
skill repertoire. The high caliber of EMC students and graduates across the globe
provides significant collaboration and learning opportunities.

The EMC program accelerated my professional development in floral artistry and being a part of the EMC family provides endless networking opportunities.

~Patti Bowman EMC

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Frequently Asked Questions

Photography is permitted during any part of the EMC program. Video-taping is not allowed.

It is advised that the family join you towards the completion of the program when you are no longer pre-occupied by the workload and study schedule.

No translators are provided by EMC directly. You are, however, welcome to hire a translator at your cost to come and join you during the Advanced Course. We strongly suggest if there are several students that speak your language, you can come together and hire one to split your costs.

With the support of our coaches and teachers, we work with you to help make sure you meet the standards to complete Practicum. As long as all assignments pass (which may mean you have to redo something in order to meet the criteria), you can plan to continue on to the Advanced Course.

Absolutely! We want you to successfully know your medium and we take it seriously. This is why your Nomenclature Assignment in Practicum is so important. Half of the mark is taken off for misspelled names.


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