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emc team floral education inspiration Apr 15, 2019

News of a floral journey with EMC

In Bogota, Colombia an amazing creative experience enfolded while new students start their journey with EMC

From 25-30 March 2019, 11  members of the EMC Core Educational Team was hosted by International Educational Partner Alexandra Farm in Bogota, Colombia and the two teams have met up to create, learn and share knowledge, surrounded by the most amazing roses in the worls.

Alexandra Farms’ President Jose Azout treated the EMC Core Team to a once in a life time experience of touring two rose farms including interacting with the roses in the new variety block. They also experienced the production and post production process of the 60 different varieties grown on two different Alexandra Farms including the David Austin Rose Block.  At the end of the tour,  the team helped Alexandra Farms determine which of the 200 test varieties contain the characteristics that fulfill the requirements of florist and designers worldwide. 

The EMC Team spent two days on team building experiences in an ‘open air classroom’ at Alexandra Farms.  Surrounded by 1200 Roses cultivated and cut from the farms, the international designers were able to draw inspiration from their surroundings while implementing knowledge gained during theory and team building exercises.  The roses were incorporated into individual designs created by the EMC Team. 

The Crème della Crème of this experience took place on day 4 of the Alexandra Farm Experience.  The EMC Team executed a Tomas Design over the fountain in the rose garden the design to perfection by incorporating 500 different pastel roses grown at Alexandra Farms.  The design was transformed into an emotional expression when 150 brilliant orange and cobalt blue live monarch butterflies locally cultivated where released onto the design.  “I believe it was a first for the floral industry to incorporate live butterflies into a design,” explains Azout.

Meanwhile, in Brugge

Newest Students begin their Floral Journey with EMC

The EMC educational journey started for a very enthusiastic and talented group of 22 people who came to Bruges, Belgium from 11-16 March 2019 from Great Britain, Belgium, Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, Hong Kong, USA, Greece, Brazil, Peru and Indonesia. 

This EMC Foundation group was very enthusiastic and bonded around the desire to learn the elements and principles of design. Even though the EMC theory is the focus of the program at this stage, many talented designers were willing to step out of their comfort zone and explore new possibilities, always keeping in mind that the most important thing is the learning experience. The designs they created during the hands-on sessions were intriguing and beautifully crafted showcasing the knowledge they acquired in class. 

It's such an amazing experience to witness how people grow in both skills and understanding the concepts behind the design!  These designers are rising up to be a floral design standards of EMC and are living proof for the level of excellency that EMC represents.

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