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Conscious Creative Talks

Apr 14, 2022

What process of your creativity gives you the most joy?

When the questions is asked in the right community, answers become inspiration 

"For me, it’s the whole process, from brief, through conceptualisation and exploring botanicals, styles, techniques and mechanics to deliver the vision, selecting and enjoying the botanicals as they come in (maybe not the conditioning part for big events) and then bringing the designs & vision to life. Then stepping back and admiring your design or setup when it fulfils the brief or W’s and you are happy with the outcome. I really enjoy creating mechanics and trying new techniques too! And seeing what you can do with them.
"All the way from color, idea, chosen flowers, put into practice and up to the clients' appreciations, I am very pleased. But the greatest and greatest pleasure for me is when I touch the flowers." 
"As materials come in, looking at them and assessing how to best show it off instead of trimming or manipulating them so much with the help of foam, wire, tape, etc. Ikebana influence perhaps. This way, each stem shines, and I think there'll be less burden on the planet in terms of waste. From a student of floristry. I will have a different mindset when I rise with EMC. It can enhance my current thinking or it can very well change my paradigm."
"The flow state. When you're in the groove with flowers in hand designing and nothing can stop you."
"There is this space where one enters when arranging flowers. That space is sacred and energising. It is like meeting God, whoever God means to you. It can be the mass of energy or a person, a planet, a universe, a memory, etc. In that space, your humanity becomes in unison with the sky and the earth."
"The push to create out of your element and the move to the trust of your skills... the flow of design that follows when you trust yourself!"
"I have to say it’s the process of expressing what my client wants and working it out so that it brings joy to me and to them. The challenge of expression…no matter what the medium."
"I enjoy every aspect from the client’s request, sourcing the chosen florals and mechanics to bringing the designs to life and then the delight from the client also brings me joy and delight."
"From my client's request to incorporate it into the W's, where the creative process plays a determining factor for my client's satisfaction in the first instance and the achievement or fulfilment of the objective, always giving my best and yes, possibly sometimes stretching myself a little more to make it a bigger challenge."
"The process of "talking" with the working material! Letting it speak, letting it tell and provoke the idea! Let's work together, away from prying eyes! The mystery of the creative process! My Soul and the Spirit of Nature! Let's merge into one and fly!"
"Thinking about the concept and trying to come up with the best design that answers my client's needs. I love looking around and just searching for inspiration in any unusual places as this is the point from where most of my design ideas are born."
"What could possibly be more fun than to take a clients needs and turn that need into an amazing work of art? For me it’s that point when you decide what is the most suitable application and the ideas start to take on a life of their own."
"Definitely, observing! I create in my mind before I create in reality and that part is freakin’ joyful as everything is possible in the mind, imagination has no barriers and resources are unlimited. Any botanical works, flowers can actually dance, structures are always strong enough, the imponderable is real, not conceptual, techniques work and flawless craftsmanship is possible. That part of my creative journey is always a genuinely joyful moment. It’s probably the reason why I try to make time to spend it “in there”. The mind is the greatest working space and the perfect atelier. Translating it into reality - it often becomes a challenge, and the beautiful part of being a creative is the rewarding feeling when succeeding to overcome the challenge!"
"The moment in which I lose myself in my creativity. And how to be in a parallel world ... everything is possible and exciting. A journey with infinite roads and possibilities where everything can become art and emotion."
"Being able to give emotion to oneself and to others with manual skills is almost a mission."

Why do we  focus on building the Conscious Creative Community?

We are all passionate about flowers.bWe all put in the hard work, the long hours and go that extra mile when it comes to them. We all strive for more and better and ultimately, we all just love working with flowers. But what if we told you it’s not about the flowers?What if, in fact, it’s all about YOU?
This beautiful and exciting work we do, whether we call ourselves florists, floral designers or artists evolve around you: your our immense effort, you having to step out of your comfort zone, you reaching your infinite potential, your signature style, your growth, your creativity pushed forward, your designs lifted, your success story and your own personal experience enhanced. It’s about discovering the joy and excitement of a lifetime learning experience
You become a conscious creative when all of the above become your goals and the flowers respectfully take their rightful place of being the medium YOU use in achieving your goals. We, at EMC, always appreciate and support the passionate people who strive to achieve more as we know that becoming a conscious creative is possible. It takes commitment, hard work, dedication, time and most often the right guidance.
Surrounding yourself with people who aspire same as you, in an environment guide by respect and filled with creativity can make this journey much more productive, insightful and fun. It is the reason we at EMC are building the Conscious Creative Community, as a support platform where conscious creative people can come together. It’s about gaining valuable insight, sharing ideas and growing together, while nurturing that unique and individual spark of creativity as a light source on the path to discover the INFINITE. CREATIVE. EFFECT. within you.

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