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emc community emc designer floral education trends Aug 24, 2022

The Fanzine is out!

In the EMC Circle Community, available for all floral creatives

The EDGE Fanzine aims to reach the dynamic floral designers of the world who wish to enrich their inspirational sources and grow creatively in a conscious manner. Each issue of the EDGE focuses on a topic of interest and tries to exploit it to the maximum, by providing useful information, intriguing visuals and comprehensive insight.  

Looking deeper into the world of trends.

Are we trendsetters or trend-followers? How do we use trends in our day-to-day designs? Can we balance how much we are influenced by a trend and how much we strive to find our own creative individuality? Who sets the trends and what do we do with them? We hope to inspire you in finding your own answers regarding the above questions, throughout this fanzine. Even more, we hope to help you raise your own questions in regard to your personal creative endeavour in floral design and open your appetite for knowledge in general, as that truly is the source of all creative strength.

Respire with a breath of Orit Hertz design

Orit Hertz is a floral artist who lives in the magical land of Israel. She has an amazing ability to blend in soulful stories in her designs. Her quest for authenticity and love of all things nature, translate into exquisite floral compositions that are full of emotion. Consciously creating artful displays, integrating unique materials and using Nature as a source of inspiration, she seems to be able to access a universe of infinite design possibilities. There is a sense of a seamless transition of elements that complement the intricately crafted, intriguing structures of a signature style design by Orit Hertz.


"I live in a village, which is surrounded by a beautiful nature. The forests and farmlands near my house exposes me to many wonderful botanicals varieties. It is a pure connection to nature on a daily basis as a way of life. It excite me to watch the evolutionary process of the nature and its botanical materials. Each botanical material has his own characteristics and I have the honour to give them a new life in my designs - new life cycle in all its glory. The deep connection to nature and the high importance of keeping the environment, leads me to work with friendly natural materials. The design I have created combine materials I have collected in nature and from my garden. It combine fresh and dry botanical materials. Unrefined and rough, sustainable and reusable and environmentally friendly to showcase a different visual impact when interpreting a specific trend, where my country's natural specificities are being showcased." 

Blooming Benevolence monochrome

Shuotong Yang EMC is a fantastic designer based in China, who has graduated from the European Master Certification in 2019. Her designs offer a great source of inspiration to many other fellow designers in her country and her unique approach to floristry shows in all her work. Particularly preoccupied in experimenting with different and unusual materials, Shuotong Yang is not afraid to explore creative combinations of botanicals and carefully executed constructions, always revealing a little bit of herself in the final outcome.


"The beauty of a trend colour palette lies in the unicity of each colour in itself. The story of a trends mood board is not only about the whole, but also about the possibilities each element offers. Trends inspiration allows us to choose one colour element of this gorgeous and permissive trend and still showcase the spirit of it in a monochromatic approach!"

Gentle Caress by Kristina Rimiene 

Kristina RimienÄ—, EMC is one very talented designer and a lady with an amazing personality, She lives in Lithuania and besides owning a flower shop, designing gorgeous events and organising a unique floral festival in her country, Kristina is also quite known to the Lithuanian public as the host of a famous television show. Her designs have been featured in magazines and she has been a quest of Fleuramour for the past editions, presenting beautiful creations that introduce the notion of movement in the floral design. 

"Interpreting a trend is always a question of being truthful to your personal interpretation and as floral designer this is very important as it helps keeping your signature style alive in every creation. My designs always feature a story of textures blended harmoniously and I find great joy in playing with layers of elements, creating seamless transitions. The "gentle caress' trend is full of feminine design elements and by adding some rough textures to my design I have put a little more tension in a rather soothing design".

Inspirited You by Edith Guzman

Edith Guzmán Díaz EMC lives in Mexico City, Mexico. Her childhood was spent in the countryside, in connection with nature. Edith describes her style as modern minimalist. For Edith, the internal energy of things is most inspiring; especially nature, aesthetics and art and less is always more. Her favorite techniques are anything with wire, especially when involving fabrics.

As she approaches a project, Edith analyzes her client’s needs and determines what to develop for demonstrations or courses. Next, she visualizes, sketches, plans, researches and studies the best elements to use to extract the best elements of everything in challenging designs. Her projects evoke the essence and emotion of her vision through her careful attention to detail. She routinely reflects on the effectiveness and perception of her work.

"Winter is the most interesting season of the year, because it has on one hand, the snow with its marvellous flakes but cold, and on the other, a welcoming atmosphere with joy, hope, dreams, thrill, blessings; this two elements melt together in this season, like the snowflakes, to make a whole that everybody awaits with excitement."

FInd the fanzine on EMC CIrcle Community

We are proud to introduce you to our second edition of the EDGE Fanzine, TRENDS, with great and insightful interviews, designs, inspirational techniques. We believe that each of us, as designers are continually seeking and yearn for continual creative ideas and ambitions. We must allow ourselves to be changed and open to becoming “consciously creative” – not seeking out the next trendy “trick or tip”, but discovering there are infinite possibilities that surround us to create. Creativity is the ability to collect spare ideas and we strongly believe we need to change the idea of how we think about creativity, just as we need to change the way we see education. It is no longer about only the craftsmanship, but more about seeing the potential in each element, so the possibilities of combining them become infinite. The EDGE fanzine was created with that in mind, as it offers the readers interesting information, meaningful content and innovative ideas, integrating them all into a distinct publication.  

You can download it for free by joining our EMC Community on Circle

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