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EMC Spring/Summer Trends

inspiration trends Jun 19, 2020

The Trend Report 

Out now and available to download

European Master Certification is committed to support floral designers worldwide to grow, to elevate their creative skills and ultimately, develop a signature style. The educational program in itself is giving all our students the means to be able to achieve this and we are strongly dedicated to this mission, empowering designers to find their own personal style. We all have deep creative talents and possibilities. We are each unique, dynamic in our diversity. Identifying and cultivating that gift is vital for the growth of a floral designer, but we must not forget we are part of a society, we are influenced by social behavior and in order to always be on top of our game, as designers, we have to know TRENDS.

Starting 2020, EMC is proud to present the Annual Trend Report.

The only constant in our world is change. Change always brings risks, but it is also the creator of opportunities and possibilities for new, exciting things to be developed. A trend is a general direction into which something is changing, developing, or veering toward. Trends answer, for most people, the basic evolutionary human need of belonging and  it is our quest, as designers, to interpret them so as to balance this need to that for uniqueness.

"Defining a trend is not an exact science, but first of all, a challenge. The emotional "gut feeling" trends imply is combined with the rational thinking of the facts. It is a balanced exercise that becomes a skill after years of experience and insight into the trend concept."

Tomas de Bruyne, CEO of European Master Certification

Be inspired! Download the Annual Trend Report here~

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