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Feedback brings us forward, together

Feb 03, 2022

EMC Design & Critique

A new ECM program aiming to build your design confidence!

Who would Paul Gaugin have been without Vincent Vincent van Gogh, Lucian Freud without Francis Bacon, Jackson Pollock without Willem de Kooning? Many artists spend a great deal of their time alone in the studio, but sometimes, they’re defined by the moments they spend together. Take a look through the annals of history, and you’re bound to find these pairs of artists who, through support or criticism, challenged each other to be better. Feedback is an essential–if overlooked–part of being a creative person. No artist exists in a vacuum. But giving or receiving feedback is often an art form in and of itself. It requires care, tact, and understanding.

Comfort and Routine are the biggest enemies of creativity

If one stays too much in his/her performance zone without being challenged towards growth and learn, comfort and routine tale over, habits transform into creative decisions and the end result never seems to satisfy that inner artist/designer in you. 

Being open for new ideas, stepping into the unknown brings you automatically out of the comfort zone, and that's where things truly start to happen. When we are rusted in our daily performance mode, we are not really growing, nor challenging ourselves and in the longer term, we devalue our performance.

Starting 2022, EMC brings to action a new program designed especially for all our alumni #emcdesigner colleagues all over the world. It's a challenging new idea that takes the two elements that usually threatening creativity and giving twisting them into becoming a creative opportunity, a support for growth. 

Comfort in the company of fellow designers 

From many requests of alumni, we started an initiative to challenge you with a design to be critiqued in the EMC terminology. We focus ourselves on communicating in the best way in the Elements and Principles of Design.

This is for the EMC designers that wants to continue their growth and improve their design capabilities in the process. Working within the comfort of your home, inside the comfortable company of like-minded individuals, we will inspire, energize and activate each other through challenging your creative mind.

It is proven that to grow you have to surround yourself with like-minded people. We will do this by having smaller pods of less than 10 people, where conscious creativity is brought to a new level and your confidence in design will grow, as one very important step in becoming a signature style designer is that of not doubting your self or the designs you produce. 

The Routine of a planned schedule brings to action challenges that lift you up

As you have already graduated and taken in the EMC way of thinking, the Design and Critique program is ideal for you! This monthly challenge will give you the opportunity to not only design but also have the opportunity to get your work analyzed by an EMC coach while surrounded with peers. The impact of this group-type masterminding each month will give you the opportunity to grow beyond your current level. 

Challenges are given you you with specific requirements and we can promise you by now, they will be surprising, hard and permissive enough to allow you to show us the best of you and yet still give you the opportunity to answer to the question that any designer should ask oneself when a work is finished: What can you do to make it better?

Feedback & Critique - an essential element of growth

Feedback is used as a basis for improvement. As artists, it’s imperative that we gauge the strength of our work and we do so through feedback. Here at EMC, we understand the value of feedback from our coaches as well as from other designers.

Through EMC Design & Critique program we aim to build a collaborative space for designers to construct their ideas and make room for those ideas to be enhanced—this is just one of the way we make it possible to become a better floral designer. Through the perspectives of our talented coaches, who have and been through this creative cycle and have the experience of giving feedback and critiquing all our students during their EMC journey, your design abilities will be exposed to the outmost genuine form of critique using the specific terminology, the common language of Elements & Principles of design. 

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