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emc team floral education inspiration trends Oct 27, 2023

Where the box is a source of inspiration

2024 Trends released by Lehner Wolle, a concept by EMC International

EMC embarked on a unique journey with Lehner Wolle, an Austrian company, to tailor a distinct approach for them, aligning their vision and product specificity with the broader trends of 2024. Lehner Wolle, renowned for the exceptional quality of their materials and an extensive color range, was eager to infuse new concepts into their strategy. Drawing on EMC's teachings regarding the significance of the sense of time, client typology, and material potential, this collaboration delivered a well-structured 2024 trend approach that extended Lehner's marketing and production horizons. More details on how the project unfolded can also be found in this blog we posted earlier this year. 

Throughout the EMC educational program, we have always championed the concept of "seeing potential" in every material that floral designers work with. This core principle underscores the importance of not just viewing materials at face value, but rather, exploring their hidden possibilities. We firmly believe that this approach is instrumental in unlocking new, unseen options for combinations and elevating creativity to unparalleled heights. The knowledge we impart to our students is designed to instill a mindset that propels them into an infinite universe of creative solutions. It's a perspective that challenges conventional boundaries and encourages a relentless pursuit of innovative ways to work with materials, resulting in the birth of fresh, groundbreaking concepts.

The focus of our trend development session with Lehner Wolle extended far beyond the mere crafting of floral arrangements with their products. It encompassed intensive brainstorming sessions with the company's leadership, delving deep into the vast potential their products held for florists, designers, and even enthusiastic DIY enthusiasts. The European Master Certification (EMC) program, which we champion, served as an invaluable toolbox for this exploration, employing analytical tools like the SWOT analysis to dissect the intricacies of specific products and materials. Lehner's wool-based products for floristry all originate from a common raw material, yet within this unity lie a multitude of creative possibilities. Through a meticulous and conscious analysis, we uncovered distinctions in textures, strengths, support functionalities, and decorative applications. This approach also fostered a fresh perspective, encouraging us to explore dimensions like transparency, density, and the full spectrum of available colors. However, the true beauty of Lehner StylIT products lies not solely in the diversity of items they bring to the market, but primarily in the infinite creative potential intrinsic to each product itself. This potential blooms when integrated into contemporary and up-to-date combinations, whether by harmonizing with other textures or complementing a broader range of products. In essence, the magic resides not just in what they offer but in how these elements can be interwoven to create limitless creative horizons. 

This novel approach for Lehner necessitated a meticulous selection of materials, textures, and colors, each in tune with the essence of the respective trend. This approach included orchestrating photo sessions and methodically constructing the 2024 collection, starting with intricate floral designs, mood boards, and captivating vignettes. Under the expert guidance of Tomas De Bruyne, lead instructor at European Master Certification, the entire Lehner Wolle team was actively engaged in this transformative journey. This encompassed not only the company's leadership but also extended to collaborations with the Sales Department, graphic designers, and their network of creative florists. EMC ensured that the concept of the trends permeated every level of the organization, fostering the development of a cohesive and visionary strategy for their remarkable products.

The Lehner StylIT trend boxes have transcended the realm of mere product collections. Each trend is a narrative in itself, tailored to a specific audience, and brimming with abundant creative inspiration. These trends empower floral designers from around the globe to explore the full potential of Lehner Wolle's products while simultaneously establishing themselves as trend ambasadors, all while honouring their unique signature style.

The EMC's collaboration with Lehner on their trend campaign was nothing short of a complex and intricate endeavour. Led by the adept guidance of Tomas De Bruyne, the week-long project was a comprehensive exploration of how to present Lehner's diverse product range to the market in a more inclusive and impactful manner. The project began with extensive discussions and brainstorming sessions with the company's leadership, aimed at uncovering the optimal solutions for their unique market positioning.

One of the key highlights of this undertaking was the creation of trend booths, meticulously designed to convey the essence of each trend. This was followed by an intensive three-day photoshoot session, where the EMC team and Lehner's in-house designers, who are intimately familiar with the company, came together to craft designs that seamlessly melded the world of trends with the realm of floristry.

The collaborative atmosphere was electric, fuelling an atmosphere of creativity and innovation throughout the week. EMC took immense pleasure in sharing knowledge and concepts with Lehner, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas and inspiration.

Notably, while there are four main trends, Lehner launched an impressive eight trend boxes, each trend boasting two distinct colour palettes. The intricacies of why and how these colour palettes operate within each trend go beyond a mere understanding of colour behaviour; it hinges on a profound comprehension of the emotional impact that colours wield. This comprehensive exploration of colours within trends, along with a specific case study on how EMC meticulously crafted this to serve a broader clientele, will be featured extensively in our upcoming EMC TREND REPORT 2024, available from December 1st on our website. This report promises to be a treasure trove of insights, illuminating the nuanced interplay between colours and trends in the world of floral design.

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