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Meet the EMC Mentorship Team

blended learning emc program mentors mentorship Oct 01, 2020
The EMC mentorship program is a very important part of the educational experience we offer to our students. Having a mentor gives you the opportunity to learn from someone who whats you to grow, to be guided by someone who has already experienced the entire process. The mentors are chosen from our previous generations of graduates, who are talented designers and, even more importantly, have the skills and passion to guide fellow students on their journey within the European Master Certification program. 

"I believe a student gains so much value by being mentored. You are aligned with someone who has successfully completed the EMC program and who will share relevant knowledge, experiences and information that reinforces a student’s studies. A mentor can provide insight, advice and guidance when you need it. Students can also engage their EMC mentor for motivational and emotional support to help achieve personal satisfaction as they progress through the program. 

During my EMC program experience, my mentor was invaluable.  She helped me to understand areas I needed to focus on and reinforced the skills I learned in a very supportive way. She was a role model for me in terms of the knowledge she possessed, and I recall taking immediate note of her professionalism and design qualities. Her feedback was immediate and constructive which I greatly appreciated. She undoubtedly increased my confidence and motivation to succeed. She was a great consultant, counselor and cheerleader!"
Sandy Nielsen, EMC

"I am retired as Emeritus Professor from College of Southern Nevada, Department of Applied Technologies " Floral Design Program" which included beginners to advance creativities and all basic necessary for Floral Industries required based on the Principle of American Institute of Floral Designers. My background is business and instructor certification of Ikenobo Ikebana and being a member of AIFD Laureates. I wanted to complete all of Floral Education before my retirement therefore I have studied 2017 to 2018.

The Mentorship during studying was tremendous help. I have requested my mentor to drill with me for many times to identify expression, classification and entire Analysis according to principle and elements of floral design. It's a little bit different, American and European. I have noticed some of the student is first time learning of Floral Design and Techniques and some of them are already in business and knew their advanced techniques. I highly recommend that you finish the entire program in Belgium."

Chieko Fukushima AIFD, EMC

"When I began my journey with EMC, I relied heavily on the encouragement and support of my mentors. They gave me great advice and virtually held my hand through this process. I had lots of questions and they were always helpful and took the time to walk me through any issues.

For that reason and more, I am happy to now be able to mentor students. I see the role as one of a cheerleader rather than as a teacher. I am always happy to talk things over and help them find the way to the answers themselves."

Ellen Baum Seagraves , EMC

"To be an EMC mentor is both an incredible experience and an honour. The EMC process is not easy. Achieving this goal takes much dedication and focus. Having the guidance of a mentor as your own personal cheer leader is sometimes exactly what is needed to help students move on to the next steps.

Additionally, every opportunity to support a student as they invest time, energy and resources toward their goal of achieving EMC certification is another chance to continue one’s own education. Mentorship is about giving back and sharing in the excitement of the education process. Completing EMC is an achievement to be proud of. The mentorship program is an asset to help you in this journey. Any mentor can tell you how wonderfully satisfying it is to welcome a new student into the EMC family."

Rebecca Raymond, EMC

"Mentorship is important for so many reasons. Let's start from the aspect of the student. Students rely on not only the teacher for positive input and encouragement. I remember when I got to ask questions of my mentors as an EMC student it was very clarifying. Even just knowing someone else was cheering for me was very reassuring. 
From a mentor perspective, being there for the students gives us a chance to give back. Remembering what it was like, the challenges, where we got stumped, and the still fresh in our mind aspect of EMC gives us insight to be extremely helpful." 
Gina Tresher, AIFD, EMC

I think mentoring a student during the learning process is important for several reasons. The first reason is the ability to discuss with someone else what the idea is and to see if it is possible to execute. I have been designing with botanicals for many years. I still will ask colleagues their opinion on colour choices, mechanics, and other details. I like to push the envelope on designs and sometimes need to rethink some colour combinations. Also if someone has used a certain mechanic before, it’s nice to see how it is done instead of struggling with the trial and error to figure it out myself.

The second reason is to share knowledge. No one knows everything. Some people know a lot, and some know less. It is always good to share the knowledge and elevate your colleagues to a higher place in their design. It will also help you elevate yourself as well. I think it is beneficial having a mentor that has been through the process before to help navigate the way.

Bryan Swan, EMC

The EMC Part 1 Foundations course is packed full of so much amazing information. For me, it was more than I could absorb in a week. I was grateful for having a mentor to help me make sense of my cryptic notes taken during the course and assist me in understanding some new concepts. 
The Self-Practicum portion of the curriculum is so important. It really tests what you've learned when you try to apply all the theory and techniques learned in Foundations. I think it is important to have a mentor who has gone through the process to help new students navigate their way along the journey. Support and clarification can help students gain confidence and understanding.  All mentors are able to share stories about their journeys to let students know they are not alone in their struggle and can help build camaraderie within the EMC community.
Terry Godfrey, AIFD, EMC

“A mentor serves as a valuable resource for an EMC student.  They understand what it’s like to be a student with the quantity of material that is required of them during the self-practicum.  A mentor is available to lend advice and provide clarification and guidance. 

When I was a student my mentor was readily accessible to answer my many questions and check in on my progress.  Most importantly, she was a super supportive cheerleader for me.  Her encouragement and guidance was invaluable.”

Katherine Glazier, EMC


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