Persihable Poetics


Manifesting Emotion Through Contemporary Floral Design

Jenny Thomasson AFID, PFCI, EMC

Jenny Thomasson is a talented designer with a sensitive and inimitable approach to floral art. Her continuous strive to become a better version of herself professionally has led her on an educational path to success, where hard work, desire for knowledge and personal input have all beautifully completed her signature style.

We applaud her on this amazing achievement and use this opportunity to celebrate the launch of her book by inviting you to take a journey through the process that lead to “Perishable Poetics” becoming a reality.

On behalf of the entire EMC family around the world, sincere congratulations, Jenny! 

Tomas de Bruyne, CEO @European Master Certification

How it all began?

Starting my floral journey while in college, I was grateful to have found my reason at such a young age. I dove right in and took every opportunity that came across to learn this craft and develop my own style. Finding AIFD opened my eyes to the art form of contemporary design, and this began my desire for accreditation. Completing AIFD, PFCI, EMC and just recently becoming a member of AAF has all been a great sense of accomplishment for me. Being an author and putting together a design book was a natural progression on this path for my artistry.

It all started at an AIFD Symposium when I presented my first ever program “Plants… The Road Less Traveled” when my personal floral career took on a bit of a life of its own. I was asked to fly to Los Angeles and design a 12 design spread for an industry magazine. This was successful and lead to two more spreads. After that I was asked to become a member of the elite design team, Teleflora Education Specialists and I began to travel throughout the United States teaching and speaking about floral design. All of these experiences afforded my the first opportunity to share my vision, my thoughts, my inspirations and I began this relationship with the fine artist that lied down inside of me.

Things are getting serious

I began the process of studying and the challenge to gain my European Masters Certificaton through conceptual design, horticulture testing and theory. Also wanting to better communicate my vision I felt that Professional Floral Communicators International was a logical and necessary addition to my goals. While pursing these milestones I was running my own flower shop and also taking time to take design workshops given by other designers and build my network of colleagues and friends within this industry.

Thinking that a book would be an excellent project to pour my ideas into, ideas had for a while but no opportunity to share them and now was my time. It was a long process of 18 months, from finding a publisher, brainstorming, unlocking the secrets of emotion, writing, sketching, sourcing flowers, designing, scheduling photography, editing, botany research, editing again, and again and yet again. Back and forth on ideas and concepts and some surfaced that I didn’t plan while others had to go by the wayside…. At least for this project. I had to stay focused on my vision and what I wanted to share, unapologetically.

Time to get real

Telling myself from the beginning that if I was going to do this I was going to bare my soul and share some very intimate moments of my life. The writing of this book was during a very pivotal time for me and I think therapeutic in the process of creating emotion through my art. Perishable Poetics: Manifesting Emotion Through Contemporary Floral Design was true in every sense of those words. The book is broken up into three sections: You, Me, Us and not only beautiful flowers but poetry that I wrote to help the viewer to better understand my feelings, pain or joy behind my medium. This all has a piece of me and pieces of you & us in every single composition.

Bound together in a hard cover that is dressed in the most beautiful and striking color of red with a close up of a design that is taken from the book. Each creation is titled, materials listed, poetry paired, deconstructed and beautifully photographed for an ultimate piece of inspiration. One very special feature on 12 of the designs is handmade sketches and additional insights printed on textural vellum pages all drawn by me during the process of concept and brainstroming.


I invite you to come and take a look, step into my shoes and see floral design through my lens to discover what inspiration might surface.

Perishable Poetics: Manifesting Emotion Through Contemporary Floral Design

Published & First Printing 2020

available @

blog edited by Diana Toma, EMC

With a 2020 calendar packed with travelling all around the world, Julia Marie Schmitt AIFD, CFD, ICPF, EMC, PFCI, as all of us, had to readjust to the new normal and the swipe off the initial plan of all the events she was supposed to participate in. She started devoting time to projects she dreamed of doing and curating a book was always on her bucket list.

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