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Inside the conscious creative mindset

emc core program floral design floral education Aug 16, 2022

Excitement and Growth 

The EMC students share their experiences and showcase their knowledge

The drive of the educational team of EMC is coming from the success of our students. We all love seeing them grow, step out of their comfort zone and become familiar with the concept of conscious creativity. The mind shift that happens in each of our students along their journey through the program can never be anticipated in a time frame, but it ultimately happens and there're no greater reward for us than to be able to witness it. 

Whether it comes in the form of a testimonial on a blog, a facebook post, a challenge or competition entry, every time we love celebrating the success of our students. And also acknowledge that the success is theirs and it is a result of their hard work, determination and ultimately decision to open their mind to explore the infinity of creativity. 

"Since getting back into the floral industry in 2007 I started with a motto of Always Learning. Always Growing. Over the years travelling & attending as many shows and classes as I could, striving for accreditations and volunteering it kept me growing and blooming. I was proud to have attained my AIFD and CAFA, being a Rose Parade float decorator, designing for wholesale shows and then becoming an active member of the NW regional chapter of AIFD. I found my place even if it was 100’s of kilometers (miles) away.  I found my people! My Floral Family! I had always found a way to connect, grow and stay inspired and driven… even across what seems to be a vast distance. Then Covid hit. I found that being in a remote, rural location started to wear me down. Like many it became a chore to go to work, to deal with uninspiring orders and difficult customers. There just is no one near me to lean on in the industry, to connect with and relate to. My city is small, and they just don’t really “get it” or me for that matter. I was losing my passion and drive for learning… 

Then one day a simple yet powerful post by Christi Lopez EMC, “Trust Yourself -The wisdom and power are within you to succeed, Say it with me 'Within me lies the next step'. Let your positive beliefs flourish like flowers! Floristry is a journey. Nourish it, educate always, stretch yourself”. So I did a BIG stretch and the first step to becoming EMC! A journey of growth and empowerment." Poppy Parson

The quote above are words that belong to Poppy Parson, a talented designer from Canada who has been through Foundation and Practicum and is working hard on preparing for the Advanced Class of September 2022. Here you can find her full story and testimonial as to why she decided to join EMC and how she felt that experience during the first two steps of the process.


"I always eager for knowledge so last year I've joined the European Master Certification program, which was an eye opener how to be a conscious creative. (...) I am lucky to say I found my way. Through the flowers I express the personalities and sensibilities of myself, my clients, my students. I seek out unique materials, forms of colours to bring only the most exceptional and most unique vision." Renata Petrauske

Renata's testimonial is part of a featured article in Floral Design Magazine. Such a great display of beautiful designs created by Renata and such an inspiring story she tells. We are lucky to have students such as her enrol our program, as the people who have an open mindset are the people we seek out to become our students. It's actually the only requirement we ask of them, as the experience, the knowledge and the talent they bring to the table when they start the Foundation Class are individual assets we only nurture further, and not specific requirements one must have. The open mind and the desire to lear and grow are much more important int his journey than anything else. 


Bahwani has been with us during Foundation and Practicum already and we throughly love seeing her grow. And it's not only in her designs aesthetic outcome, but also in her confidence to showcase her work. She has been a keep participant in many online competitions, lately also receiving credit for her work by being chosen among the winners of the IFAAD virtual competition, specifically the special Award Exhibit emphasising the Best Use of Colour.

"Life is full of unlimited dreams and aspirations. The EMC program has always been on the top of my wish list. As a floral designer, I have taken part in several international competitions in Boston, Barbados and Dublin. Thanks to the virtual world, I participated in over 30 competitions during the pandemic which allowed my passion for floral art to continue to grow by heaps and bounds. I would not only like to thank IFAAD and EMC for making me fulfil my dreams as a floral designer but also PBFS for setting me on my floral journey. Thank you all for this wonderful experience."

EMC is your immense effort, you having to step out of your comfort zone, you reaching your infinite potential as a floral designer, your signature style, your growth, your hard work, your creativity pushed forward, your designs lifted, your success story, and your own personal experience enhanced. We're proud to share the success stories of all our students and alumni and continue to work hard on bringing the best out of every designer who joins our program!

The beauty of EMC, though, stands in the fact that YOU will embark on an exciting journey that will last a lifetime, exploring YOUR infinite creative potential and knowing how to express it in YOUR unique signature style design. 


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