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The Sketch

floral education inspiration Jun 30, 2020

A simple line

Where the imaginary starts to become reality

There is always a creative feeling when you are holding a pencil, as it gives you the freedom to illustrate what’s in your mind. By means of drawing rough lines and shapes, you begin to use creativity to explore interesting concepts and focus on optimal solutions. A sketch is the moment of genesis of every design.

sketch (noun) = a simple, quickly-made drawing that does not have many details.

It has the word simple in the definition, yet many people are reluctant to sketching. Most of the times, their mind frame is anchored in the idea that they don't know how to draw... But sketching refers to a preliminary rough type of drawing that an artist makes as part of a preparation process. It is less detailed than a study and proves to be a useful way for an artist to capture a fleeting impression, to represent an idea, to capture a mood or a key feature of a subject.

Sketching is a constant when it comes to design.

Good designs always rely on iterations. The authentic way to iterate is by using pen and paper. One can practice the skill with absolutely anything, as subjects can be found anywhere, all around us, waiting to be sketched, ready to be observed an analysed. Sketching is the perfect tool as it helps one bring ideas to life. When using a pencil and a piece of paper, you are able to shape a realm without limits, one that you need to explore and discover. You are therefore in a creative sandbox, generating concepts and deeply considering each idea. 

Sketching offers one the opportunity to explore more variables in ideas effortlessly, as a concept is being set up for the first time hundreds, thousands of variables enter the sketching board and in the search of incredible, in the attempt to find the right balance and composition one ought to explore the options to sketching, drawing and placing ideas on paper.

When sketching, the mind plays in various directions and the resulting sketches will help filter through before choosing the best options. When you draw out the different ideas which could work, you are able to notice any potential issues much earlier, before investing time and resources into futile concepts. Sketches also foster very important discussions concerning ideas with your colleagues, peers and team members. 

Sketching offers a visual exploration of your imagination. 

When you start your project with a sketch, you will not limit yourself to only one variation of your idea. Through sketching, you can explore multiple options you could take in a particular design outcome you are pursuing. 

Learning how to get ideas down on paper in a quicker, rougher way, is extremely valuable for an artist, including a floral designer.

EMC encourages the use of sketches in the process of designing, specifically floral expressions. Sketching is a tool that, once rehearsed constantly, becomes familiar and allows us to better perform in being in control of the design outcome. Moreover, sketching from a design outcome perspective allows you to grow as a designer. With sketching you can explore the concept, the outcome as a starting point and only later focus on details. 

When we're writing, we need to be able to create neat, legible letters right-off-the bat. On the other hand, when we're sketching, we start by laying down imperfect lines.These are two very different activities and we have to make that mental switch necessary to change our approach depending on what it is we're doing. 

Have in mind you'll usually switch between different hand positions and grips throughout your sketching process. However, generally speaking, you want to position your hand further away from the tip of your pencil.

Move your entire arm as you draw and not only your wrist.

Try to relax and draw loosely! Warm up by drawing different types of lines and shapes randomly placed on a piece of paper is a good exercise to release tension and prepare you for the process. 

Using references allows us to develop our observational skills and our hand-eye coordination. The human brain can not hold on to all the visual information, so sketching over a reference is preferable to sketching from memory if you are a beginner. You have to learn to see!

Make sketching a habit! 

As we teach at EMC, it's all about practice, practice, practice! Sketching is a skill that allows a designer to explore infinite possibilities and brainstorm ideas. It is also a fantastic tool to help share with the client the design outcome you are imagining. It is literally about that fine line that transform your thoughts in reality!

by Diana Toma, EMC


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