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Tomas De Bruyne tulip

The Tulip Experience Day

emc community floral design inspiration Apr 07, 2024

Embracing Beauty

The Journey of the Tomas de Bruyne tulip

In the heart of the floral industry, amidst the bustling world of growers, sellers, florists, and designers, there exists a celebration of artistry, dedication, and the profound beauty of nature. The Tulip Experience Day marks a momentous occasion – the christening of a new variety of tulips bearing the name of Tomas De Bruyne, renowned international floral designer and lead instructor of the European Masters Certification.

Oscar Wilde once said, "A flower blossoms for its own joy. We gain a moment of joy by looking at it." Indeed, there is an inherent joy in the simple act of beholding a flower's beauty. Yet, for those involved in the floral industry, this joy is but one aspect of a story that is filled with hard work, knowledge, art, passion, and dedication. At the heart of the celebration lies a new variety of tulip, which as of April 25th 2024, will bear the name Tomas de Bruyne. It is a tulip variety born from a meticulous process of cultivation and selection. The journey begins with the crossing of two distinct tulip varieties – Holland Snow and Lingerie. From this union, seeds are born, initiating a journey that spans years of cultivation, selection, and refinement.

For four to five years, the tulip bulbs undergo careful nurturing before they bloom for the first time. From the hundreds of new tulips that emerge, only a select few – three to four – are chosen to continue the journey. These chosen tulips are meticulously evaluated for their appearance, vigour, bulb quality, disease resistance, and sensitivity. As the tulips multiply, with an average multiplication factor of 2.2 per year, the journey unfolds over more than 15 years before they are deemed ready to enter the market. Through rigorous testing and refinement, the new Tulipa hybrida cv. ‘Tomas de Bruyne’ emerges as a testament to patience, perseverance, and the pursuit of perfection. What distinguishes this particular variety is not only its soft pink hue, sturdy structure, and elegant fringed edge but also its resilience and enduring beauty. As a member of the esteemed fringed Tulipa family, it stands as a symbol of excellence within this floral assortment.

The Tulip Experience Day promises an immersive journey into the world of tulips, offering attendees the opportunity to capture stunning photographs amidst blooming fields, engage in networking, and gain insights into the cultivation process. At the heart of the celebration is the christening of the new variety, a moment that announces the arrival of a new icon within the floral industry. 

To celebrate this beautiful occasion, Tomas De Bruyne will create a unique installation in the middle of the tulip fields of Schouten Tulips. Tomas De Bruyne is without a doubt one of today's most talented floral event designers, specialized in architectural and conceptual floral space design. He is a celebrated international floral artist who has the skill, knowledge and talent to create breathtaking large scale floral art installations for a wide variety of celebrations. From royal weddings to big fat Indian weddings, to grand public and corporate events, every celebration sparks Tomas’s creativity and craftsmanship. He creates unique floral art that leaves a strong imprint in people’s minds and brings very celebration to the next level. The Tulip Experience Day installation promises to deliver all of the values that have made Tomas De Bruyne a world renowned floral designer, enhancing the potential of the tulip to its maximum.

As we will gather together with members of the EMC family, students or Alumni, floral colleagues from Floral Fundamental, growers and partners from the floral industry to celebrate the beauty of the tulip, the floral installation and the entire program of the celebration will be a reminded of the transformative power of nature and the enduring legacy of creativity and craftsmanship. It is a testament to the distinguished spirit of innovation and the boundless possibilities that await those who dare to step outside of their comfort zone and grow their creative potential.

In reflecting on the upcoming Tulip Experience Day, it's essential to acknowledge the journey that led us here – a journey rooted in a belief in importance of education, a shared commitment to fostering a deeper connection with nature and nurturing the next generation of stewards for our planet. Approximately a year ago, the seeds of this event were planted when Tomas De Bruyne lent his support to The GreenBee Foundation, an initiative spearheaded by Frank Timmerman, owner of the Schouten Tulips company. Together, they helped launch in Belgium the GreenBee Kids program. This is an educational initiative designed to introduce plants into classrooms and inspire children to become caretakers of nature.

The inaugural event took place in Brugge, the hometown of Tomas De Bruyne and also the place that hosts The EMC Advanced Course each year, where children were invited to participate in an interactive session at SBS De Geluksvogel in Saint Michiels. Under the guidance of a flower and plant grower - Frank - and a renowned floral designer - Tomas -, the children learned the importance of nurturing plants and caring for the planet. Each child received a plant as a gift, symbolizing the responsibility bestowed upon them to safeguard nature.

During this heartwarming event, Frank introduced the future "Tomas De Bruyne" tulip to the children, sparking a sense of wonder and excitement. In a joyful and intimate atmosphere, the tulip was unofficially christened, with the children enthusiastically agreeing to bestow this honour upon Tomas. It was a celebration of nature, creativity, and the power of education to inspire positive change just as we all want the official event to be as well.  

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