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Let's Talk during July 13-14 '21

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Connection & Interaction Through Flowers

We are all part of a blessed group of people whose professional, and sometimes personal, life evolves around flowers, whether we call ourselves florists, designers, artists, passionate, amateurs, teachers or students, master florists or retailers and so on. 

A perfect work of art in its own right, a creation of absolute beauty, flowers are the medium that not only express emotions, but have within them life itself. Flowers have the power to connect us, but it is up to us to use that connection and transform it into an interaction.

Flowers are at the core of our creative metier, but if we think about it, it has an entire world move around its existence. The floral industry nowadays, being at the verge of a new post-pandemic world, is such a complex system of connections between growers, producers, distributers, designers, florists, magazines promoting floral design, retail marketing, accessories, floral education and so on, all surrounding the flower. 


It lies on the shoulders of the creatives, those who work with flowers, to bear the responsibility of using the flower to convey not only the emotion, but also the effort put in by all those who put their time, knowledge and effort into that flower's life. But also, the final outcome of what to deliver also tells the story of the client's wishes, it is symbolic for the business and promotional aspects of our live. The design displays elements of inspiration from so many other forms of art, it encompasses trends; it challenges us technically, just as it excites the client visually. The design speaks about the broader picture that the flower itself, it speaks of all aspects of the industry connected with emotions and artistic input.

When you're in search for a place to grow?  EMC GO LIVE!


Consistent to the commitment of implementing blended learning as a concept in the floral industry as well, EMC is focusing on using the best of today’s technology to build up a complex and integrated event. EMC GO LIVE is a 2-day virtual event that offers florists and designers together the opportunity to learn and connect. Exploring the future in this fast-changing world with a conscious creative mindset is vital and a goal for us all.

The event will be hosted on-line and it focuses on INTEGRATION not only as a theme, but as a guiding concept for the build-up of the events itself. 










"We are committed to offer the best visual, technical, educational and inspirational experience to all those who decide to join us for this amazing event. There are going to be two full days of workshops, panel discussions, roundtables, live Q&A sessions, demonstrations, and more, featuring a list of over 25 people that will host or contribute to EMC Go Live with their experience and knowledge, openly sharing insights.

It will be sure to be an exciting event, with a full and busy schedule and hopefully a fun & elevating experience for everyone". Christi Lopez, AIFD EMC

The distinguished guests are internationally known figures in their particular line of work, from teachers to growers, designers and entrepreneurs, trend setters to photographers. As creatives, the more we learn to integrate the different aspects of our industry, the more we communicate amongst ourselves, the more we expand our inspiration and continue to grow.

A brainchild of Tomas de Bruyne and Christi Lopez, EMC GO live is a one-of-a-kind event. It is being managed, organised and turned from idea to reality by the EMC Core Team, with great contributions from sponsors and partners. Everyone's involvement in this event will contribute to it being a success. 


Integration is an educational concept that has captured the focus of the classic academic environment in the recent years, as it is proven to be a much more efficient learning method. As EMC is dedicated to constantly improve the quality of floral education, we feel it is important to include and implement this concept in our industry and beyond it. The pace of the fast-changing world today is proof that the future will be different for those who approach it from with a growth mindset

"Performance itself is not a goal to pursue, but rather our concentration should be directed towards the process of learning. (...) Quality should always be the intention of any educational program, and this is what we always look for in EMC, as well. We deliver the highest quality in all aspects that impact the experience for all involved. We always want more for our students, we want them to become designers with ICE Effect and activate their creative potential and this we pursue through everything we do!".  Tomas de Bruyne

Achieving goals has this hollow victory feel to them, and still many of us in today’s world, we tend focus so much on goals. The résumé-culture mindset that tends to guide most people consists of a bulleted list of achievements and implies that somehow we are the summation of those goals put together.










Of course, we are so much more than that. Who we are is how we develop on the path towards those goals. That's what shapes us and that is who we become. The true power stands in using those goals to propel a transformational journey, to hold us in our practices and create new habits, as it shifts our focus from getting to the goal to enriching the path itself. 

This is actually a developmental model, INTEGRATION, and it is the future of education and personal growth, just as CREATIVITY is the most important skill for success in the 21st century.


The EMC Go Live! will be a one-of-a-kind event in the floral world, with groundbreaking concepts and meaningful information for all those seeking to develop and grow their creative self. The focus of the entire event will not only be on delivering knowledge and insight into INTEGRATION, but using integrated solutions as means of communication with all participants. 

Registration will open on May 10th, 2021 and all the information regarding the schedule and concepts, as well as presentations of the event's highlights and guest will be made public on our social media, website and blog soon!

Let's connect and we will keep you up to date!

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