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Blooming Creativity in Dubai

emc designer emc team floral design trends Oct 10, 2023

EMC's Exploration of 2024 Trends

From trend development to captivating displays

As part of our annual team-building event, the EMC Core Team embarked on a unique collaboration this year, partnering with one of the largest wholesale suppliers in the Middle East, Al-Lokrit in Dubai. The mission? To explore the theme of "Dynamic Interaction" by creating four captivating display booths, each representing one of the four trends anticipated for 2024. This creative endeavor drew upon EMC's wealth of knowledge and distinct creative philosophy, utilizing exclusively hard goods and botanical materials supplied by Al-Lokrit.

Team building activities are an essential part of any successful organisation, and this is no different at EMC. A team building event can bring together the educational team and create a strong bond between team members, leading to increased collaboration, productivity, and overall success. Team building activities help to break down barriers and promote communication among team members. By participating in fun and engaging activities together, team members can build trust, learn to work together, and develop a sense of camaraderie.

At EMC, team building events are an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of the educational team and to reinforce the sense of community within the organisation. They can be used to reward hard work and dedication, to recognise individual and team accomplishments, and to build relationships among team members. Moreover, team building activities can help the educational team to learn new skills, problem-solve, and brainstorm creative ideas. We always strive to push ourselves and have our teachers and coaches perform out of their comfort zone, learning for growth, which is an experience that we ask of our students as well.

n the past years, ignoring the ones that were influenced by the infamous pandemic, EMC has made it a habit to bring together the team in an organised team-building and work together on making our program stronger while we collide our efforts in implementing the best possible educational experience for our students. We have been hosted by Alexandra Farms in Colombia, Oasis in Ohio, Lehner Wolle in Austria and now, in 2023, by Al Lokrit, the largest whole-seller in Dubai, Saudi Arabia. 

Dubai is a creative space for floral designers because of its unique blend of modernity and tradition, which provides a rich source of inspiration for artistic expression. The city is known for its innovative architecture, world-class shopping malls, luxurious hotels, and vibrant cultural scene, all of which contribute to a dynamic and exciting atmosphere that inspires creativity. This city lies at the crossroads of the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, has made it a melting pot of different cultures and traditions, which has led to a rich and diverse floral landscape. Floral designers in Dubai have access to a wide variety of local and imported flowers, as well as unique and exotic foliage and materials, which they can use to create stunning and one-of-a-kind floral arrangements, materials which are provided by whole sellers like our hosts, AL LOKRIT.

Trend development, particularly in the world of floristry, had always piqued EMC's interest. Trends offered an abundant source of inspiration for their designers, guiding them in approaching clients and unlocking novel ways to utilize their materials. The Dynamic Interaction project commenced with a comprehensive presentation on the 2024 trends for the entire EMC Core Team, ensuring everyone grasped the nuances of each trend, from colors and textures to materials and mood.


Upon our arrival in Dubai, the hosts have prepared a perfect setup for the team meeting to take place. Tomas De Bruyne and Christi Lopez, the leaders of EMC always involve the entire team in where the program is heading to and are opening a conversation where feedback and new ideas are always welcome. We focus on our goals and mission and it's a great opportunity for all of us to interact outside of a zoom call, in a real conversation. We're adjusting things we can improve, making decisions how we can improve our students' experience within the educational program and often times this is also a particular event when team members get to clarify certain aspects of our journey with EMC.

Spending time together within the team meeting was amazing and the day only got better after that, as Al Lokrit have gracefully offered us a visit to the Museum of the Future in Dubai. An interesting concept of a museum, like no other in the world. The building is absolutely fabulous and the concept is fully engaging visitors in a learning experience as well as an unforgettable visit. We always make it a habit of getting inspiration from art whenever we meet up somewhere around the world, but this time is was an unexpected form of art that we were lucky enough to experience together: conceptual and senzorial art. The Museum of the Future will for sure remain in our thoughts as an unforgettable experience. 

Starting the next day, after the intro meeting and the visit to the Museum, we fully focused ourselves on performing a particular task we were there to execute. Presenting and implementing 2024 future trends to Al Lokrit, using only their products, both hard goods and botanicals was a challenge for the entire team. As we are EMC, we embraced it and worked towards achieving the desired outcome, honouring our hosts and sharing the knowledge we have with them.

The purpose of the entire project was to introduce the Trends of 2024 to the entire team of Al-Lokrit, to closely work with their staff to enhance their understanding of the concept of trends and to create a display for each of the four trends using exclusively the products available on the premises of the whole-seller. 

At EMC, we consistently emphasize the significance of understanding the fundamental "W's" - who, what, when, where, and why - when engaging with trends, all while maintaining a mindful and thoughtful creative approach. This very approach guided us throughout the entire duration of the Dynamic Interaction project in Dubai. It underscored the limitless possibilities in designing contemporary floral arrangements and crafting presentation booths with updated floral concepts. Importantly, it highlighted that these endeavours aren't necessarily contingent on purchasing new products. Instead, the focus remains on recognising the potential of materials and crafting unique combinations that resonate with the present moment.

Trends, often borne from observations of current events, societal shifts, and technological advances, held the power to reshape the world of floral design. For instance, the prevalence of smartphones and the growing importance of digital communication influenced floral designs aimed at creating instant visual impact for photos and short videos, even if their longevity was not a primary concern. Nevertheless, considering the durability of floral arrangements remained crucial when crafting tangible products for clients. Conversely, when catering to the virtual sphere, adaptability in design approaches became key. This was especially pertinent for a company in Dubai, focusing on hard goods and fresh flowers, where balance was crucial.

EMC emphasized the importance of understanding the "W's" (who, what, when, where, why) when dealing with trends, all while maintaining a thoughtful and creative approach. This mindset permeated the Dynamic Interaction project in Dubai, illustrating how the infinite possibilities of designing trendy floral arrangements and setting up contemporary floral displays weren't always tied to purchasing new products. It was about recognizing the potential of existing materials and creating unique combinations that felt timely and distinctive.

The setup of the Trend Booths began with presentations, including a lecture by Tomas De Bruyne on thinking "outside the box," along with discussions between Al-Lokrit's creative team and EMC's Core Team to align their expectations for the final outcomes. With the "W's" clearly defined, the educational team and local florists divided into four groups, each tackling a specific trend.

Analyzing the core elements of each trend, including color palettes, textures, shapes, materials, and overall harmony, enabled each team to construct mood boards for their respective booths and plan their execution meticulously. The inspiration drawn from Al-Lokrit's location was immense, as they prided themselves on offering the widest and most exclusive selection of fresh flowers, sourced both locally and internationally. With imports from over 60 countries worldwide, they brought the freshest and most beautiful blooms to the UAE, complemented by an array of hard goods, containers, and floral accessories.

The entire experience proved to be mutually beneficial, as any Dynamic Interaction should be. Al Lokrit International, the UAE's premier wholesaler of fresh flowers and perishables, epitomized a deep passion for flowers since its establishment in 1989. Founded by a power couple, their journey was characterized by unwavering care, genuine devotion, and relentless commitment. What began as a family-owned endeavor blossomed into an industry powerhouse that constantly pushed boundaries. Inviting EMC to collaborate on the Trends of 2024 project underscored Al Lokrit's open-mindedness and their thirst for growth. Educating their staff about trends and how to leverage them for the benefit of their clientele represented an investment that promised substantial returns for the company's future.

“Trends are constantly evolving and changing, and keeping up with them sometimes can be challenging. However, after the experience, I learned that it's crucial to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and adapt to them to remain relevant and competitive in any industry. In the floral industry, colors and trends change yearly, and keeping up with them is essential. Florists and designers need to be knowledgeable about the latest trends in floral design and apply them in wedding decor and event planning to meet the needs of their clients. With changing trends, it's essential to be creative and innovative to make unique and memorable arrangements that stand out. (...) Creating a presentation booth focusing on one trend was a unique experience. It was challenging but rewarding to showcase the potential of a single trend and bring it to life through different design aspects, such as colour schemes, textures, and shapes. It allowed us to delve deep into the trend and understand its essence, which helped us create a cohesive and impactful presentation. Overall, it was an exciting and fulfilling experience that allowed us to showcase our creativity and design skills.” Jorge Uribe, AIFD EMC talking about his personal contribution and learning experience during the setup in Dubai.

Collaboration and teamwork lie at the heart of every successful project, and the Dynamic Interaction project in Dubai was no exception. The experience highlighted the importance of working together as a cohesive unit. It showcased how the collective energy, skills, and insights of a diverse team can transcend individual limitations, leading to the creation of something truly remarkable. This journey underlined that the whole is often greater than the sum of its parts, emphasizing the power of collaboration in achieving a shared vision. Within the confines of a team project, every team member experienced significant personal growth. The collaborative environment encouraged individuals to step out of their comfort zones, explore new creative horizons, and develop skills that they might not have uncovered on their own. It was a nurturing space for self-discovery, where everyone contributed to the project's overall success while simultaneously discovering more about themselves and their creative potential.

EMC has long been at the forefront of trend development, consistently pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation. Over the years, EMC has gained recognition for its trendsetting initiatives, releasing insightful and value-packed Trend Reports. As we stand on the cusp of 2024, EMC is excited to unveil its latest Trend Report, meticulously curated to explore the four key trends: natural, modern, avant-garde, and classic. This comprehensive report will delve into the intricacies of each trend, offering valuable insights on color palettes, materials, and the compelling stories that underpin these trends. With a legacy of trendsetting excellence, EMC is poised to once again inspire and guide the creative landscape, helping designers and enthusiasts alike stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving world of design and aesthetics.

The experience was truly a win-win, embodying the essence of a Dynamic Interaction, where knowledge and creativity flowed in both directions, benefiting all parties involved. The project's international context was a wellspring of inspiration. Interacting with different cultures brought a richness and diversity of ideas to the table. It illuminated how cultural exchange can spark innovative concepts and unearth creative potential that may not have been realized otherwise. These interactions broadened our horizons and allowed us to infuse a global perspective into our project, resulting in a more profound and culturally enriched experience.

In the end, the beauty of this collaborative learning opportunity was in the shared exploration, the friendships formed, and the incredible exchange of ideas that spurred us all to grow as individuals and as a collective creative force.

You can find more information about this in our EDGE fanzine - Culture, recently released on our website, here. And follow us for the launch of a comprehensive floral trend predictions and analysis, the EMC Trend Report 2024, where we dive into each of the four emerging trends of next year in detail. The publication will be released on December 1st.


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