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Focus of Design & Critique

emc designer floral design floral education Mar 24, 2022

Insight From The EMC Coaches

Why Design and Critique Program?

Floral art is emotion. That is undeniable and all EMC designers who have been through the amazing experience of the Advance class have had a very clear picture of just how true this expression is.

There are many different variables that determine one's judgment of floral art such as aesthetics, cognition or perception, as it can be objective or subjective based on personal preference toward aesthetics and form. Floral expressions is built and based on the elements and principle of design, whether the design is intended for our own creative exercise or following some form of social appreciation or retail value.

Floral art has a diverse range of form and expression. It can stand alone with an instantaneous judgment or can be viewed with a deeper more educated knowledge. In the real or virtual world, criticism and appreciation can be subjective based on personal preference toward aesthetics and form, and often times the way our work is perceived by viewers is not really a true measure of our abilities to work with the elements and principles of design. Getting many likes on social media is not the equivalent of growth as a designer. 

Floral art is based on the elements and principle of design

EMC is not a floral workshop, nor a series of tutorials. It’s not exactly a school, per se, and it certainly isn’t offering any recipes for people to replicate. It’s not really a masterclass, either and yes, one does get an official certification in the end, but that’s not really the goal in itself.

As all graduates know by now, we’ve put experience and passion into designing a complex curriculum, an outstanding learning process, and a great coaching program. European Master Certification is a floral educational concept and program that cannot be categorized because neither can you! And you shouldn’t fit in a category, as your individuality, your personality, and your distinctive experience are the attributes that make you unique.

It is for this reason that EMC is ready to take you further on this amazing journey of self discovery and growth, by launching the Design and Critique program for all our alumni! It is a genuinely great experience meant to focus on taking you, again, out of your comfort zone and dive into the world of infinite creativity!

EMC is your immense effort, you having to step out of your comfort zone, you reaching your infinite potential as a floral designer, your signature style, your growth, your hard work, your creativity pushed forward, your designs lifted, your success story, and your own personal experience enhanced. With this mission in mind, we carry out this experience even more through the Design & Critique Program.

Insight from EMC Coaches

Through the perspectives of our talented coaches, who have and been through this creative cycle and have the experience of giving feedback and critiquing all our students during their EMC journey, your design abilities will be exposed to the outmost genuine form of critique using the specific terminology, the common language of Elements & Principles of design. 

"Graduation doesn’t mean the end; it means preparing for the beginning just started. Becoming a creative designer opened many doors that we can go through, feeling confident in ourselves, and having the opportunity to continue sharing, learning, and growing." Jorge Uribe AIFD, EMC

"I’m not only a EMC Coach but I feel like I’m also the biggest cheerleader to my students. It really doesn’t matter at what stage in a student’s floral experience when joining EMC, my responsibility is to share, inspire, motivate the students and guide them what they need to go on and do bigger and better things to reach their full potential. The most rewarding experience is seeing the growth in the students. The more passionate and open-minded a student in the learning process, the more growth they experience. Spending that little bit of extra time to help them through something they’re struggling with and seeing their excitement when they start to make connections makes the effort all worth it." Sherene S. Tan, AIFD EMC

"Continuous growth is vital in any creative metier and for me, I genuinely think it's impossible to perceive this growth without feedback. I have always considered coaching students in the Foundation and Practicum classes of EMC a privilege as I am honoured to be part of this amazing journey they take. Finding new possibilities, exploring new creative territories and ultimately gaining more confidence in one's work is so important for all creative people. Flowers are emotions and it is up to us to translate those emotions into design, yet somehow that can be achieved better if we learn to take distance, to analyse, to first think and then feel." Diana Toma, EMC

"Being a part of design classes provides such a great opportunity to experience design on a higher level. As designers we don’t often get the chance to design for ourselves, and get feedback on that work. The real advantage during group critiques is to be able to learn from the critiques of other designers. We’re able to apply that knowledge and elevate our own work. Honest critiques give us what we really want, the way to become a better creative." Keith Stanley EMC 

Through EMC Design & Critique program we aim to build a collaborative space for designers to construct their ideas and make room for those ideas to be enhanced—this is just one of the way we make it possible to become a better floral designer. 

Prepare your tools and get ready to bring out the best of you through amazing designs! Critique is there for you to use it, in order to grow!

Curios for more about our launch of this amazing program! You can also read more in the  article "Feedback brings us forward, together", posted on our blog here!

Learning floral design should be exciting! It’s not too late to learn what you wish you knew from the beginning. We believe that learning floral education shouldn’t have any borders. 

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