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EMC designers in the spotlight

emc alumni inspiration May 19, 2019

First Lady's Luncheon in Washington DC

EMC highly represented at the event

Six members of the EMC Family were honoUred to be a part of the Certified American Grown design team at the 107th Annual First Lady's Luncheon in Washington DC. 

Representing every graduating class as well as the present student class, under the co-leadership of Christi Lopez AIFD, EMC, designers Carrie Wilcox EMC, Julia Marie P Schmitt AIFD, EMC, ICPF, PFCI, Jennifer Baker EMC, Jennifer Figge EMC and Pia Geragthy EMC designed centerpieces, flower walls, head table pieces and 1200 corsages for three days in the heart of the US Capitol. 


Sue Yamaguchi AIFD, EMC  Joins EMC Core Team

EMC International is excited to welcome Sue Yamaguchi AIFD, EMC (Class of 2016) to the EMC Core Team as part of the EMC Core Team.  Sue will be working to foster communications with EMC Graduates and EMC Members as well as be a part of working on Membership Events. 

Welcome on board Sue!                                        

EMC Alumni in the News

We love to recognize our EMC Alumni who are excelling and are emerging as leaders in the International Floral Industry. We would like to congratulate Ella Fodor EMC whose design graced the courtyard at Timfloralis 2019 in Romania.

Also, Maureen Christmas AIFD, EMC has won Maine Florists and Growers Association Designer of the Year! 

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