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EMC Go Live Conscious Creativity

EMC Go Live Conscious Creativity

Jun 28, 2021

Roundtable of Creative Masterminds 

What is conscious creativity and why are we talking so much about it?

Florists or floral designers, entrepreneurs or artists in the floral industry all know "creativity" is a big concept in our metier. But, what is creativity? Why do we have to think so much of it and how depended are we to the concept? Is "conscious creativity" even a thing? Do our every day efforts in growing as designers pay off in improving creative skills? What is the purpose of floral education and how does it influence us? How can we become consciously creative?

If any of these questions come in your mind when you hear creativity, then this roundtable discussion at the EMC Go Live Event is something you must not miss. Four knights of floral design and floral education, for that matter, are gathering around the table, via a virtual, modern tool called zoom and discuss CREATIVITY. 

Daniel Santamaria

From being Spanish champion in Floral Design in 1997 to stepping on the podium of the European Floristry Championship 2003, Daniel Santamaria is so much more than a competitor designer. Author of five inspirational books, floristry tutor, co-director and teacher at the Floral Art School of Catalonia, owner of Floristik Project in Reinbek, Germany and member of Floos, he is a source of inspiration and a passionate creative. 

"My vision of the florist is extensive. It is the result of the integration of all artistic principles and methodologies related to design, crafts, gardening and art. My floral pieces always start from a concept developed using the best techniques together with a careful choice of materials.

“Originally consists of returning to the origin, so, the original is the simplicity of the early solutions”. A phrase from Antoni Gaudí, who I always have in mind and who helps me find ways to evolve the profession of floral design. Sources of inspiration help me in my evolution as a commercial and artistic florist. Discovering and understanding different cultures and the history of art are two very inspirational paths in my personal evolution."

Jan van Doesburg

Jan van Doesburg is a retired teacher and head of the Floral Design Department of Aeres University. Jan was educated and active as a florist, achieved a master in floral design, graduated from art academy (painting) , studied Chinese language and is an author of books and articles in professional magazines.

"The flower composition you make is decided by your thinking. Thus, in a creative composition the creator is visible in who he is, what he wants, what he feels, what he stands for. In my work respecting the natural shape and impressions is central as well as floral architecture.

The flower design kind of  thinking does not stand alone. It is connected with many areas of our existence. This involves art, craft, design, presentation, fashion, history, spirituality, emotion, symbolism, traditions, folklore, commerce, botany, etc."

Frédéric Dupré

A passionate creative designer, guided by professionalism, perfectionist and above all a well known teacher in the world of floristry! His career is rich, honoured with glory in many competitions. But despite everything, it is this indescribable love of plants that drives his life and his thirst for innovation and technical research to always go higher!

"My philosophy is always characterised by the concern for detail, form and creativity, among others. The flower is always the most privileged in a design. The choice of texture and colour is also very important to me, as I consider that the two are intimately connected; one does not come without the other. My inspiration feeds on everything around me: nature, architecture, movies, painting, haute couture and many others."

Tomas de Bruyne

Co-founder and director of European Master Certification, a unique program aiming to empower designers from all over the world to grow and expand their creativity. He is a very skilled communicator who genuinely connects and interacts with people, delivering the message and making sure it was understood. Tomas teaches floral design by relying of a very strong foundation of theoretical knowledge, but delivers the message from a very practical perspective. His successful experience as a trendsetter, globetrotter, entrepreneur, influencer, artist, award winner and judge, all set him apart as a unique voice and a one of a kind floral design teacher with a strong passion and on the spot applicable knowledge.

"There is no such thing as too much creativity, there is no quantification involved as it has infinite potential. One of the secrets of creativity is when we cultivate flexibility in our consciousness, for we allow us to renew ourselves in every moment and in every creation. Creativity is the ability to collect spare ideas and I strongly believe we need to change the idea of how we think about creativity, just as we need to change the way we see education." 



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