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Design with intention

emc alumni emc designer floral design inspiration Nov 02, 2022

Floral creations serving a theme 

The art of design blends with photography in the work of EMC Alumni

A theme is not the same as the subject of a work.  Themes are similar but also different from motifs in that themes are ideas conveyed by the visual experience as a whole, while motifs are repeated symbols found inside an overarching theme. Simply having a repeating pattern or motif does not necessarily mean that that motif is the theme of the work of art, as the theme could be much broader. We're taking the opportunity to discuss theme as an inspiration for floral design by looking into the works of our EMC Alumni.

When it comes to florists, Halloween opens possibilities to engage into intricate designs, in a stunning colour palette and a vibrant combination of textures. Introducing elements that are matching the theme and yet taking the designs to a new level, our Alumni Jorge Uribe, AIFD, EMC and Patricia Balogh, EMC, are both self proclaimed fans of the Halloween themed celebrations and we are featuring their designs in this blog, taking the opportunity to discuss what a themed design is and how can we exploit it to its full potential.

What is a theme design? 

A design theme can be defined as the recurrent, underlying objective that ensures consistency in the overall floral design. The consistency may be in terms of colour palette, textures and additional elements that are used. A theme is the implicit idea behind the whole design, that dominates the traits of it and guide the decisions of the designer. While a concept deals with the basic planning diagram and defines the relationship among different design elements, a theme is an overlay to a concept that helps tie all of the various elements together.

Concept and theme are two words that can often be confusing as some people consider concepts and themes as interchangeable. However, there is a key difference between a concept and a theme. A concept can simply be understood as an abstract idea. Concepts exist in all fields of study, although the visibility can differ from one field to another and it is very specifically anchored in emotions in the case of floral design. On the other hand, a theme is a specific subject or idea that recurs in a particular piece of floral design. A concept is defined as “an abstract or generic idea”, while a theme is “a specific and distinctive quality, characteristic, or concern”. Notice the difference between the two? An idea defines the former. The latter centres on attributes. Designers rarely ever speak of themes first, the distinction between concepts and themes might seem trivial to clients but it is not in the case of designers. 

Having fun with a theme does not mean the design concept is absent. As we see in the beautiful designs of our Alumni, Jorge and Patricia, they have executed beautiful works of art in a Halloween theme by incorporating their passion for photography and modelling as an additional element. While the design pieces in themselves can be easily seen in the spectrum of other occasions as well, they make sense and become a Halloween interpretation due to the way they were blended in the photoshoots. 

Natural elements in the colour palette of a dark autumn reflect the Halloween influence and the way they have played with elements of line and texture enriches the overall impact of the designs. Keeping a focus on the concept of a themed floral design, both Jorge and Patricia have incorporated lines and 3D colour transitions to increase the impact of the floral designs.

The definition of theme in art is the message that the artist wishes to convey through the artwork. Theme is not simply the subject matter of the piece of art; rather, it is the abstract idea being portrayed by both the artist's design and the subject matter that is created. Theming refers to the use of an overarching create a holistic and integrated spatial organization of a consumer venue. A theme is a unifying or dominant idea or motif, so theming is the process of designing and constructing an object or space so that “the particular subject or idea on which the style of something is based” is made clear through the synthesis of recognizable symbols with spatial forms.

Theming is applied to an environment in order to create a memorable and meaningful experience for individuals or groups that visit the space, and can be expressed through the use of both botanical materials and other non=botanical mechanics that are integrated in the design, 

Inspiration comes from a variety of places and choosing a theme for a design or even an entire event is not unusual in the world of floristry. Conveying the message of the theme can be done with artistry, and it doesn't mean executing a design like everyone else. A theme still keeps the door open to create in an infinite range of possibilities and keep the uniqueness of your signature style present in the work displayed. 

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