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Signature Style Designers Talk Trends

emc alumni floral design trends Nov 02, 2023

EMC Designers on Trends

Diverse perspectives and interpretations

The European Master Certification program holds a deep appreciation for the professional accomplishments of our students and graduates, and we consistently celebrate their individuality in style and design. As an educational institution, EMC has steadfastly advocated for delivering education that empowers students to evolve into self-assured designers, artistic individuals proficient in the language of floral expression.

Cultivating a distinctive and unique style is an essential goal for every designer, and we wholeheartedly support and facilitate our students' pursuit of this objective. This endeavour is akin to a mission, one that encompasses continuous growth and creative engagement, and we equip our students with the knowledge and education required to embark on this exciting journey.

Trends, like the dynamic currents of creativity, have the power to shape our design landscape. They offer us glimpses into the evolving tastes, colours, textures, and styles that captivate our collective imagination. As designers, we understand that interpreting trends is an art of both reflection and innovation. Trends serve as a rich source of inspiration, guiding us to push boundaries, experiment, and evolve our design aesthetics. Each graduate from the EMC Program brings their unique perspective to these trends, making them not just followers but shapers of the ever-changing design narrative.

"I pay attention and take inspiration from trends not only in the floral industry, but in other areas such as fashion, architecture, furniture, as well as cultures around the world. 

Social media has allowed creatives around the world to share their own unique styles and colours through trends, which in turn supports the growth of new ideas. However, regardless of trends, it is our responsibility as floral designers to create in a sustainable manner. Clients often come to me with ideas from social media, which I use as a guideline to develop new ideas and authentic designs. I keep an open mind with trends, but definitely stay true to my emotions and creativity."

"Knowing what the trends are in advance is such a big advantage to a designer. Most florists are trying to play “catch up” when things become trendy and customers see and want those ideas.Too often we only think of trend in terms of colour, which is important,  but we need to also pay attention to textures, materials, shapes and moods that these colours can evoke. As a designer, if I am on trend, this enables me to be different from everyone else, and create work that is more forward thinking in my design approach. Reflecting on my experience with trends, I realise that initially, the scope of a trend may appear narrow. However, as you delved deeper, one discovers its vast potential. The more you immerse yourself in a trend, the more opportunities you find to create within its boundaries. Our knowledge of trends and how we can use them sets us apart in the marketplace."


"Trends influence my design work as they provide the spark for new idea generation.  Whether studying colour trends, fashion from the leading couture houses, art or architecture, I incorporate elements of the trend using my own design aesthetic, never copying.

As an example, I love the tactility of textiles and they play a key role in many of the expressions I create.  I study textile trends and artists and incorporate my interpretation of the trend.  For inspiration, I may review a historical trend and re-invent it with elements of the new trend.  Trends provide the transformational inspiration for me in further developing my floral expression." 


"In my personal life, name it clothes, decoration, books or etc I don't like to follow trends at all. However, I like to learn them in order to see what people in general react to. It's mostly the same for my designs. Of course, I read about the colour and design trends but I don't believe that trends are that much significant in floral design. I always prefer to be the purple cow if I can. For the events that I had worked for I was lucky to collaborate with the event designers who were eagerly looking for new and different ideas. I personally believe that our materials do have their own character and we should show the necessary respect to their existence. Shortly, I can say that trends may be used as a starting point or reference but it's better to leave them where they belong if one would like to express his/her feelings and unique creativity."

"I believe that trends are not a random decision, but rather a great and deep work behind each one of them. In my opinion, we should pay attention to them, because for me they function as a reminder of the society that is important to consider and remember when creating. However, I am truly convinced that human life is so profoundly changing and complex that my mission as a floral artist always tries to reflect or share different points of view through the wonderful beauty of flowers. This is how this aspect is not only based on trends, but on many more factors that I like to take into consideration. In this way, we must think about how our floral industry will have to adapt, reflect and reveal new paths and trends after this dramatic and global problem ... I hope that, like all of us, we can overcome it and become stronger, wiser and generate a greater awareness in relation to the world and people."

"Trends are some guidelines that has to be taken into consideration. Whether the trend influences your design or not depends on different factors. It depends on what, why, where, for whom, when, etc. you want to create. If it’s wedding flowers the bride is the main person who chooses the color. If the girl dreamed about this day since a childhood and wanted it pink, it just has to be pink. And it doesn’t matter that the Pantone color of the year is classic blue or living coral. If the flowers are arranged for official purposes you usually do not chase the trends yourself. But knowing trends is important, because it helps to grow your floristry understandings, worldview and expertise, which are essentials for us as professionals. For me trends are the inspiration to create something new.But to be honest, floristry trends widely used in the rest of the Europe to our country come not so fast. Ideas that I bring home traveling to international floral events are not always understood from the very beginning. People like novelty, but it doesn‘t make sense if you can not understand it. Lithuania has restored its independence just few decades ago, so you can imagine that before that we didn’t have a chance to get even acquainted with the amazing products from international floral market. But I am happy that flowers are picking their path to our houses and celebrations more and more widely. And our people want to stand out, to be colourful, to perceive the beauty. People get to know flowers and their trends more and more and this allows me as a floral designer to release my imagination and creativity."

The definition of a trend is a general movement in which something is developing or changing. Trends are always dynamic and fluid. We are currently in the middle of a major shift in human behavior, needs and desires.The trends that I follow are: fashion, interiors, technology, color, and general consumer behavior.I have recently been inspired to create table-scapes, which refer to overall décor and design for a dinner table. Dining at home and reconnecting with friends at a social distance reflect our current reality. The floral designs I am creating during this special time are seasonal, moody, happy, sunny and thoughtful. The flowers that I choose deliberately complement the whole table; including the linens, glassware, cutlery, and the food served."

"I have very mixed view on trends, a bit unorthodox. I see the value in the artistry behind the creation of new ideas that fuel the creation of trends. I feel as a retail florist it’s imperative to understand these shifts in art and design and how it applies  to culture overall. I am at odds with trends once they are warped by capitalism and fuel waste and undermine society by embedding unrealistic needs and expectations into our collective unconsciousness.

I think as designers that work directly with natural materials we are obligated as an industry to shift these trends toward less waste, more impactful, sustainable design and more thoughtful uses of our resources.I’ve found that the pandemic has heightened people’s need to connect and they have been doing it with flowers. My premonition of a possible trend which I am seeing daily we’ll just call “Hope”. Those that can successfully translate emotions will be wildly successful.As a designer I feel it is very important to fuse your signature style with trends to create hybrid ideas that could spark new trends."

"Trends are constantly evolving and changing, and keeping up with them sometimes can be challenging. However, after experiencing more and more working with trends, I learned that it's crucial to stay up-to-date with the latest and adapt to them to remain relevant and competitive in any industry. In the floral industry, colours and trends change yearly, and keeping up with them is essential. Florists and designers need to be knowledgeable about the latest trends in floral design and apply them in wedding decor and event planning to meet the needs of their clients. With changing trends, it's essential to be creative and innovative to make unique and memorable arrangements that stand out."

"For quite a while a I had the impression that trends hold more of a negative meaning. It takes work and learning to understand that they are actually a tool, a valuable tool that allows me as a designer to level up. my creations. There is so much information surrounding trends, that they become a valuable source of inspiration, at the same time being a terrain for innovation. Trends are like a roadmap, that can guide the direction of the design, that showcases the elements that connect the client with a certain trend or parts of a trend and it is up to the designer to choose which route to take.

Most importantly, though, what I learned is that trends are dynamic. One can pick a colour palette of a trend, apply shapes and forms of another one and create a blend of elements that best suits the client.Working with trends is a must as a floral designer and this should not be mistaken with the idea of copying a style of work, as one has nothing to do with the other."

Creating a design within a trend can be a transformative experience. It pushed you out of the comfort zone, challenging you to think creatively and adapt. By consistently applying the "Ws" to that creative process, it becomes a journey of exploration that feels secure and guided, ultimately resulting in a successful expression that best serves the client".

"to work with trends is an exciting yet challenging endeavour. One has an abundance of ideas and a multitude of viewpoints to consider. Deciding which pieces fit seamlessly into the larger picture is a critical part of the process, and it requires ongoing scrutiny and sometimes, necessary edits. Effective communication with the client is the key to success. You have to evaluate and discuss the proposed alterations, ensuring that each decision brings you closer to the shared vision. Focusing on one particular trend can be an enlightening experience. It allows you to delve deep into the emotion and concept you are tasked with conveying. Having one central concept allows you to hone a creative effort and foster a more profound understanding of the emotion you aim to capture."

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