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Success Through Trends

floral design floral education inspiration trends Feb 20, 2024

Quintessential Success!

How to fuel your creativity?

Classicism, a concept deeply rooted in the arts, has always served as an aesthetic anchor, providing a timeless and enduring foundation for creativity. In the ever-evolving world of floral design, the allure of classicism is unparalleled. It offers a sense of certainty, a return to established values that withstand the test of time. 

The classics, be they from art, literature, music, or fashion, embody a certain elegance and refinement that transcends fleeting trends. In times of economic uncertainty and social challenges, the Quintessential trend from the EMC Trend Report 2024 emerges as a beacon, embracing classic, confident, and elegant design. Let's delve into the complexities of this trend and explore how it reinterprets classic values with a modern spin.

Within the Quintessential trend, we witness a comfortable return to classic values, not as a nostalgic escape, but as a strategic choice rooted in economic pragmatism. During times of financial uncertainty, investing in certainties becomes a smart choice. Quintessential defines luxury in the most traditional sense – bespoke, handmade, and crafted from fine materials. It goes beyond the ephemeral allure of hyped brands, offering a certainty towards enduring quality.


Can ‘classic’ be trendy?

The Quintessential trend is encapsulated in five keywords: classic, confident, elegant, luxury, and refined. It breathes life into a classic, confident elegance where luxury meets refined perfection. This trend not only signifies a return to timeless design principles but also adds a modern twist, interpreting what classic truly means in the contemporary context. Luxury within Quintessential is largely defined by the way it was defined hundreds of years ago: bespoke, handmade and of fine materials. Much less ephemeral than hyped brands and with a certainty towards quality.

Refinement is particularly important within this trend where real luxury is in the finish and detail. This trend speaks about a comfortable return to classic values with a spin on interpreting what classic truly means.

How to use classic elements to reach your clients?

The Quintessential color palette takes us back to timeless classics. Camel brown, burgundy, old rose, and bottle green make a comeback, exuding familiarity and an instant label of 'beautiful.' These contemporary yet timeless colors form the foundation of Quintessential, providing a starting point that never goes wrong. To add excitement, a dark chocolate brown and the metallic hue of the Golden Hour are introduced as accent colors. The latter, representing solid values, radiates divine self-confidence and injects a touch of unpredictability into the classic palette. In the elegant Quintessential trend, texture emerges as a key player, creating a harmonious display of opulence. Colored marble stone takes center stage, infusing interiors with lively patterns and a sense of luxury. Materiality reigns supreme, with veiny patterns of marble breathing life into spaces and elevating the design to opulent heights. The tactile materials in this trend celebrate luxurious commodities, reducing form to its essentials while letting texture do all the talking.

Quintessential shapes and forms exude timeless refinement, capturing the essence of a bygone era. Antique-looking monumental vessels in ceramics showcase rich embellishments, while deconstructed classic shapes blend nostalgia with a contemporary setting. Decorative geometric patterns add structure and elegance, and marble, a key textural element, reappears in refined and classic containers. This trend epitomizes enduring elegance, reimagining classic shapes in a modern context and infusing a touch of luxury into the design landscape.

As we explore the Quintessential trend, we unravel a world of classic, confident elegance—a realm where luxury meets refined perfection. Its enduring appeal lies in the reinterpretation of classic values with a modern sensibility. In the complex world of floral design, where trends come and go, the Quintessential trend offers a timeless anchor. It speaks not only to economic wisdom but to a deep understanding of the enduring allure of classicism. In the landscape of floral trends, EMC stands as a beacon of knowledge, offering a comprehensive education for floral designers. The Trend Report is a testament to EMC's commitment to inspire and provide resources for florists, ensuring they navigate the complexities of trends with confidence and creativity. With a focus on deep education, EMC empowers floral designers to not only follow trends but to shape them, creating timeless and quintessential expressions that resonate with clients and stand the test of time.

Curious to learn more?

Florists from all over the world should not miss the opportunity to download the EMC Trend Report for 2024. This report transcends traditional trend following; it's a guide to drawing inspiration, shaping trends to align with unique visions, and creating distinctive signature styles. In a year that promises innovation and boundless creativity, the trend report is your key to staying ahead, crafting unforgettable experiences, and resonating profoundly with the global floral industry's discerning clientele. Join the collective journey of floral artistry in 2024, as we decode and redefine the trends that will shape the world of floral experiences.

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