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Fleur Créatif editor-in-chief at the EMC Go Live Event 

Jun 10, 2021

Inspiration is everywhere!

with An Theunynck

An Theunynck is a freelance journalist for floristry, and for more than 12 years now she has been editor-in-chief of the international magazine Fleur Creatif. She is also a communications and marketing consultant for the flower industry. She sees herself as an ambassador for flowers and plants and wants to convince everyone of the power of flowers.And it does not stop here, as her expertise translates in working as editor at the German trade magazine Florieren. She is very much involved in the running of Fleuramour, one of Europe's most prestigious floral events set in the historic grounds of the National Commandery at Alden Biesen, Belgium, as well as the Florademy - Green Academy - a floral school for professionals which offered young floral talents the opportunity to grow, using current events and the reality of the floral design world to provide professional training.She is passionate about encouraging talented young florists and has also been involved with the launch of Fleur Talent! / Upcoming Florist (projects with young florists), and the new Daniel Ost Academy established this year. Or, in her own words: “In my life, Flowers! Flowers make life!”. Her busy life revolves around publishing and flowers, writing and flowers, organising and flowers, networking and, of course, flowers. 
An will be a guest on the EMC Go Live Event this July, on the 13th, in the 'Where do we go now in our floral industry?'  panel discussion, along side other incredible guest from within and outside the floral industry.
How is it best to assess today's reality to better create the future? How do you envision future strategies in today’s realities?

Covid-19 was an enormous shock for the whole world. A lot of things were no longer obvious. For example: travelling over the whole world, doing demonstrations, installations, events with flowers, buying flowers from Africa, sending magazines to Australia, organising photoshoots with extras. But, Covid-19 also offered a lot of opportunities to the floral world. Suddenly, the world was ready to buy flowers online. Almost every florist has a website or a web-shop now. Flowers always meant to be a possibility to communicate without words. Flowers can translate emotions. During the lockdown sometimes flowers were the only possible way to tell people that you care about them, that you love them, that you miss them. More than ever floral magazines were a source of inspiration for people to brighten up their home with flowers. People could experience the strength of nature (flowers and plants). Nature is a true value. Flowers and plants bring oxygen, create a positive atmosphere, colour our life, give us the possibility to be creative...

As a future strategy we need to preserve this experience and even to intensify it.

How do you approach challenges in your business and what are the most important ones you have had to overcome after the pandemic has literally stopped the world?

When I look at my job as chief editor of Fleur Creatif, we literally had to stop the publication because of different reasons: distribution worldwide was no longer possible, no flower events so no advertisement income, no possibility to do photo shoots and so on. At the same time, we felt that people needed floral inspiration and floral creativity, so we decided to make a digital summer edition and we sent it to all our subscribers. We made more posts on Facebook and Instagram. As soon as it was possible, we started again to publish magazines and do photo shoots again.

How is it possible to turn a negative experience, such as was the one of Covid, into a positive outcome?

Almost every bad or negative experience also has a good and positive side. If you want to see the opportunities of such an experience and you are a creative person, you can do a lot of positive things! We try to do more online now and focus more on the strength of floral design!

How can we increase the positive impact of floral creativity in the post-covid world?

Covid-19 gave us the possibility to show what floral creativity can do with people. We have to find all possible ways to show people the beauty and the strength of nature. 

How do you think that the perspective of the importance and use of trends has changed in the recent years?

I do not believe that the flower world started as a trend setter. We are more trend followers and sometimes early adapters. The importance of trends started in the fashion world and in interior decoration. In every trend you can find 80% of rather neutral colours. 20% is really unique for a trend. In terms of interior design, it is not always possible to follow the trends with new furniture and products/materials ... So in the floral world we have a very important role to play. With trendy colours in flower design, you can make the difference. Another advantage is that flowers are not the most expensive way to have a trendy home! So yes, to follow trends or even to communicate trends in floral design is very important!

What inspires you? Share with us what are your main sources of inspiration and why they resonate with you.

Inspiration is everywhere. You just have to open your eyes and ears. For myself as chief editor of Fleur Creatif, I find my inspiration in art, architecture, the surrounding nature, new flowers and plants, new concepts, design magazines, but also in social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest ... to see what people like and do).

How do you see INTEGRATION as a concept influencing the future of the creative floral industry?

I think it is very important to be part of a floral community to grow as a florist and to develop your creativity and to learn more skills. By seeing what other colleagues do, by discussing creative themes together you can grow faster and better.

If you could have given one piece of advice to the person you were before the pandemic started, what would have been the most valuable?

I think it is very important to be part of a (floral) community to grow as a florist and to develop your creativity and to learn more skills. By seeing what other colleagues do and by discussing how to proceed, you become a better flower designer and, obviously, a forever flower lover.

interview by Sara Marie Andrews


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