New Ways to Learn Techniques


Floral design, as all other art forms, cannot exist without techniques. Literally speaking, they are the actions that transform any creative idea from a glimpse of imagination to a real life product that we can feel, touch, see and ultimately enjoy. 

Techniques are vital decision-making factors in the total design process. They enable us to actually transform an idea in reality. The quality of the final outcome depends substantially on the quality of our choices as designer.

By choosing the most suitable technique for the execution of the mechanics, the final result is substantially improved. The more technical knowledge you possess, your design possibilities become unlimited and this is mathematically proven, as there is a radical increase in the number of possible...

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From Virtual To Real



EMC launches the first online Foundation Course

The first students of the first EMC On-line Foundation Course have just started their floral education with this new and innovative approach, called BLENDED LEARNING. We are all excited and thrilled to see this on-line experience become a reality!

The idea of having an on-line course was already on the EMC agenda before COVID, set as a project for later in the future. As many, we had to reinvent and re-calibrate the way we provide education, to adapt to the changes that occurred in the past months on a global level, severely impacting the local communities as well. Businesses working different, decisions you cannot control impacting you directly, changes occurring too fast, working with a completely...

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