Mike the Florist


a project to help business surpass the COVID crisis

Michael Bourguignon is the "chief website guru and chief business person" for Bourguignon Floristas in Madrid, his family company that was established in Spain in 1930, after moving from the Netherlands. He is also the director of the Floral Design School of Barcelona and former president of the International Florist Organisation, Florint. He has recently started a new project, dedicated to help florists from all over the world surpass the effects of the pandemic and the economic crisis that follows, inevitably. Since the focus of this endeavour is education, we were interested to find out more about this project, and approached Mike the Florist to offer us more details and answer a few...

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The line where the imaginary starts to become reality.

There is always a creative feeling when you are holding a pencil, as it gives you the freedom to illustrate what’s in your mind. By means of drawing rough lines and shapes, you begin to use creativity to explore interesting concepts and focus on optimal solutions. A sketch is the moment of genesis of every design.

sketch (noun) = a simple, quickly-made drawing that does not have many details.
according to https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/sketch

It has the word simple in the definition, yet many people are reluctant to sketching. Most of the times, their mind frame is anchored in the idea that they don't know how to draw... But ...

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