June 2019 Expression Newsletter

EMC explores Techniques in Valencia

From 11-12 June 2019, EMC Technique Instructor Dalia Bartolotti EMC conducted the First EMC Technique Course in Europe at Mercaflor, Valencia, Spain.  "It was a very diverse group of designers," Dalia explains. "The skill level was very high and the designers were experienced and very professional.  Many owned their own floral businesses." 

The course took place at an exception facility and was hosted by Paco  Medina Mateos, a talented Spanish Floral Artist from Madrid.  "Thanks to Paco, we are able to source and provide locally grown botanicals for this EMC experience as well as Alexandra Farm Roses," comments Dalia. "The dahlias were incredibly beautiful and stunning!"

Thanks to the Sponsorship of OASIS Spain and a contest...

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May 2019 Expressions Newsletter

EMC Well Represented at First Lady's Luncheon in Washington DC

Six members of the EMC Family were honored to be a part of the Certified American Grown design team at the 107th Annual First Lady's Luncheon in Washington DC.  Representing every graduating class as well as the present student class, under the co-leadership of Christi Lopez AIFD, EMC (Class of 2016), designers Carrie Wilcox EMC (Class of 2012), Julia Marie P Schmitt AIFD, EMC, ICPF, PFCI, (Class of 2014), Jennifer Baker EMC (Class of 2016), Jennifer Figge EMC (Class of 2018) and present EMC Student Pia Geragthy designed centerpieces, flower walls, head table pieces and 1200 corsages for three days in the heart of the US Capitol. 


Sue Yamaguchi AIFD, EMC  Joins EMC Core Team


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