Learning Is An Experience


European Master Certification is an educational program, and, as accustomed, at the end of it, on graduation day, each student gets a diploma. There is an exam, that takes place at the end of the Advanced Class and of course, grading the performance of the students is require. Besides being a wonderful event, held at the 14th century beautiful building of the Town Hall in Bruge, besides the great Belgian beer they serve and all the fun that one can feel in the air, the graduation of EMC is not a destination in itself. 

At EMC we put the value more on the journey our students make, on the learning process, which never really ends on graduation day.

We constantly prepare ourselves to perform better, which is our goal, in the end: to make the best of what we do. Our clients...

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 More than flowers. Much more than a book.


"Arthur and Stacey challenge themselves to guide the materials into a story of synergy. Their message is an invitation to embrace imperfection and the transcience that makes this medium so perfect.

Design should be an infinite process, a journey of growing and expressing recent emotions. Art will always be a barometer of time."

Tomas de Bruyne - CEO @European Master Certification

transcript from the Foreword of the book


The picture below is first for a reason. Both authors, Arthur Williams and Stacey Bal, look back to the 2019 AIFD Symposium as the moment when they have decided to take on this project together and respond to Florists' Review invitation to edit a book. It...

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New Ways to Learn Techniques


Floral design, as all other art forms, cannot exist without techniques. Literally speaking, they are the actions that transform any creative idea from a glimpse of imagination to a real life product that we can feel, touch, see and ultimately enjoy. 

Techniques are vital decision-making factors in the total design process. They enable us to actually transform an idea in reality. The quality of the final outcome depends substantially on the quality of our choices as designer.

By choosing the most suitable technique for the execution of the mechanics, the final result is substantially improved. The more technical knowledge you possess, your design possibilities become unlimited and this is mathematically proven, as there is a radical increase in the number of possible...

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The Importance of Trends

Are we trendsetters or trend-followers? How do we use trends in our day-to-day designs? Can we balance how much we are influenced by a trend and how much we strive to find our own creative individuality?

photos from Vogue ArabiaVogueModeRSVP

Who sets the trends and what do we do with them?

We hope to inspire you in finding your own answers regarding the above questions, throughout this blog. Even more, we hope to help you raise your own questions in regard to your personal creative endeavor in floral design and open your appetite for knowledge in general, as that truly is the source of all creative strength.

In this article, we want to answers some general questions regarding trends, to introduce you to the world of trends. Let’s be curious about design TRENDS...

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The Voice of Hope


Unleash Your Infinite Creative Potential

The most creative act you will ever undertake is the act of creating yourself! The words of Deepak Chopra are full of wisdom, aren’t they?

There is no easy way around it, though. It involves fighting for the things you believe in. It means keep on going with a perseverance mindset to achieve your goals.

Thinking back to my early days, I know I had the ambition and the drive. But I was feeling as an unheard florist seeking ways to get in touch with my ideal client. Sound familiar?

Finding people who were open to my ideas, my vision, my interaction with botanicals, elements and principles translated to them appreciating my designs and my efforts.

I have learned that ideas do not stand by themselves. Something must be done about them, and the...

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February 2020 Expressions Newsletter



Welcome where it all happens!


Fleuramour’s 25th Anniversary will precede this fabulous event! Our dates for EMC Go LIVE are September 29th - October 2nd. More information to come in March’s newsletter!

Envision the VISION!

VISION is the lighthouse that ought to guide the journey of all artists through the creative world! 

Vision reveals purpose, purpose determines objectives, objectives help establish guidelines and rules, which translate into actions. From the way we each run our business to the way we create floral designs, everything is determined by either having a vision, or by lacking one. Inspiration and creativity alone, two words we hear so often in...

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December 2019 EXPRESSIONS Newsletter

EMC Takes a Looking back on 2019

As 2019 is quickly coming to an end, what better way to start the new year than to take a brief look back at the foundations that were laid. A Moment with Tomas: EMC New Certification

With many of the EMC Family reaching out to me asking for more information on the New EMC Certificate, I had a chance to sit down with Tomas de Bruyne to answer some of your questions.

Q: Why is this new Certificate Important for EMC?

Tomas: The recognition by the Royal Belgium Floral Association and the Belgium Chamber of Commerce sets the EMC program apart from a workshop.  To receive this recognition, EMC must meet certain criteria including teaching theory, creating bouquets and students  required to take exams.  This means that the students have...

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August 2019 Expressions Newsletter

EMC to Participate at Fleuramour 2019

With a EMC Fleuramour Team comprised of EMC Subscribed Members and Core Educational Team, EMC is preparing for participating in Fleuramour 2019: Back to the Future.  On Friday 27 September, EMC will be present at the first ever POP UP Stand at Fleuramour, an event hosted by EMC educational Partner REKAD.  Every 30 minutes, there will be a demonstration in the Pop Up, along with opportunities for the public to engage with graduates and the EMC bvba.

On Saturday 28 September 2019, the 2nd Annual EMC Family Day will again take place at Fleuramour.  The day will be filled with an EMC Pit Demonstration, a hands on workshop given by French Master Designer Frederic Dupre, a lecture series by Belgian Master Moniek Vanden Burghe entitled An...

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Alexandra Farms hosts Educational Partner EMC at Garden Rose Farm in Bogotá, Colombia

Alexandra Farms hosted their international educational partner European Master Certification (EMC) for a week-long session in Bogotá, Colombia from March 25-30. Eleven members of EMC’s Core Educational Team, coming from different countries and backgrounds, all speaking the language of EMC nomenclature, Elements and Principles, eagerly took in the beauty of the farm, the vibrancy of Bogotá, and the history of rose growing in Colombia. The EMC Core Team consists of designers from Romania, Belgium, Switzerland and the United States who are event and wedding designers, freelancers and retail flower shop owners.


“The idea to organize our EMC team building with our partner is a testimony to the power of collaboration,” explains Tomas De Bruyne, the...

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