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emc alumni emc community emc designer Aug 03, 2022

EMC Community moved to Circle

The new home of infinite creative potential

The EMC Community is all about you and your experience. This community is for the conscious creative who never stops yearning to learn and better themselves. We have floral designers from all over the world in this community, and there is so much we can learn from each other. This platform will be a space for you to communicate with your fellow designers, learn from each other, get guidance where you need it, transform your work, share the nuance of our industry and be a space to transform and challenge yourself with everything our community has to offer. 

Your success is the communities success, we are here to root you on and be a space where everyone can thrive. Whether you’re participating in one of our conscious creative challenges or are taking one of our courses, this community is for the creative that wants to elevate and grow. We want you to get the most out of this experience! Make an introduction post, reach out to your peers, get to know each other, put yourselves out there, and craft your skills. We can push each other to greatness and success!

We built this Community so that our members can build and foster a community within their field, meet fellow floral designers, grow their skills and techniques, and network! Our purpose is to bring education, inspiration, and support to every designer, so they can achieve their goals faster. In here you will be  able to join in on our monthly Conscious Creative Challenges, to see what events we have going on, to see what courses we are currently offering. You will have access to our free resources, to roundtables and lives. There's more to come as we do not stop here. This is only the beginning. We hope to see this community expand not only in number of people who join us, but rather in the way we will share knowledge and insight, designs and thought processes! It’s the only way to grow: together!

Circle Community offers a platform for us to best reach out to those designers and florists who are on their way to become conscious creatives. It is a clean space, where advertisements don't run like crazy, filling your feed with useless information. Your attention can focus on the learning process, and not get quickly distracted by gimmicks or some dancing challenge, as fun as those are. It is a place where you can exercise your creative ideas and contribute by asking questions, sharing information and posting designs. It's like having an office on your social media platforms, where everything is set up just right to help you work and engage with people at the same time. 

Why Circle? 

Circle is a safe space. A laboratory of ideas. A platform for us to grow together. Circle Community is first and foremost advertise free. Which means no advertisement will disturb you, no other useless information will distract you from genuinely engaging in conversation, bringing up new ideas or just have a quiet time of study, growth and design comprehension. It's a platform that brings together the best of the social media, allowing connection and communication between members in a space that creates is most suitable for a work environment.

For EMC this is most important, as we are building a community of conscious creatives and we are able to engage in a more organised way, keeping all our activities in the same place. 

What is on Circle?

Access to our core program course is still available on our website only, however, everything else that we do has been moved on Circle. Our objective with this new space is to improve the learning process of all of you in many ways. Through the features the Circle community app offers, we were able to create multiple spaces and organise into groups where we run various programs. Students awake their interest to learn, to explore, and to be creative on the dedicated spaces for Foundation Class or Practicum. Alumni of EMC are encouraged to meet and interact, reconnect and work on ideas together, asking questions or posting thoughts. For alumni only we also offer the Design and Critique program which involves designing and feedback offered to them regularly by the EMC Coaches. This will help them develop many new skills and dive deeper into the process of designing.

We have our monthly Conscious Creative Challenge on Circle, we have a space that separates discussions, events and introductions, which makes it easier to work your way around it. Along side that, we are now able to move our Foundation and Practicum students on this platform as well and gather all our alumni in the community, each in its own space inside it. The Conscious Challenge purpose is to help you by bringing out your ability to inspire you to look beyond the ordinary and make it extraordinary. We've had some extraordinary submission every month and we loved to see people challenge themselves. The purpose of the challenge is to keep engaging you in creative practices for learning purposes, which is why we create the discussion session for the winner of the challenge where we dissect and analyse the winning design, looking to learn as much as possible about the thought process behind it. We love having the designer in the conversation as well! 

We hope more people will join these challenges. They're open to everyone in the community!

Each month, the Roundtables with EMC Coaches and Teachers will happen. You will get the chance to listen and see to conversations between members of the educational team of EMC and other guests, all talented designers and good educators, who will be discussing subjects surrounding floral design in a very open and authentic way. This space on Circle is where we'll come together to support each other and share what we're learning, any questions we have, and any discussions we want to start. 

By integrating these new spaces in our EMC community, we create an active learning environment where our members feel confident and willing to explore the digital and design environment while learning and networking with the rest of the community at the same time. Design and organization are vital to creating efficient learning spaces, and Circle offers exactly that. Clarity and space. 

Join us on Circle Community here


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