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It's demonstration time!

floral design floral education techniques and mechanics Jun 20, 2021

Integration with flowers at EMC Go Live Event

Check the line up of amazing designers showcasing their take on INTEGRATION at the EMC Go Live Event

The EMC GO Live Event is hosting not one, but four floral design demonstrations with four fantastic floral designers who are not only highly regarded professionals, but also amazing artists and signature style designers who will share their knowledge and insight. 

Who and what?

Modern floristry in vintage vases with Dmitry Turcan

Integrating with nature as a way of life with Orit Hertz

Convince your customers with colours and trends with Charlotte Bhartolome

Where Creativity meets you with Tomas De Bruyne

There's not much can be said once a line-up of top designers like this and honestly, this blog might as well just stop right here. And this list should be enough to convince you to join the EMC Go Live event and bring your creativity into action!

Yet, as at EMC we are challenging designers and florists to raise up their game and become conscious creatives, no matter what we do, we always ask ourselves a few important question. In fact, they are the questions that we focus on in everything we do, starting from the curriculum itself, to the design outcome of all our actions. 


Why floral demonstrations? Why do we need them, what do we learn from them and what is the mindset we should approach them with? 

There is so much more in a floral demonstration than just getting some tips and tricks regarding a specific piece or flower. There's insight into the mind of the designer, you get to see how they approach floristry and how they relate to the process. There are ideas that are thrown in the air right there for you to grab them, the only thing you need to do is make sure you come with an open mindset and a genuine desire to learn.

Maybe a specific style of a designer doesn't seem like something you could do every day in your flower shop as constructions take too long to make and are just too complex. And you might be right if that is all you are looking at when seeing a demo. But a floral demonstration is an excuse to actually get access to the conscious creative mind of that designer, which translates into access into an infinity of possibilities!


Well, it's right here, no more than a click away from you.

How amazing is this? That in today's world technology is allowing us to put together such a great connectivity platform for designers to connect and grow together. Helping creatives grow and reach their infinite potential is the very goal and mission of European Master Certification, so elaborating this event has been nothing more than a (huge) effort in supporting our own belief: we need to change the way we see creativity!


July 13 & 14, 2021 are two days that you should book in your calendar and make sure you are ready for a jam-packed event. We have gathered 25 people, from all over the industry and beyond it, to inspire you and bring creativity into action. It is time for florists and designers to step out of their bubble and learn to interact, communicate and integrate new concepts and ideas not only in their designs, but also in their business. 


Consistent to the commitment of implementing blended learning as a concept in the floral industry as well, EMC is focusing on using the best of today’s technology to build up a complex and integrated event. EMC GO LIVE is a 2-day virtual event that offers florists and designers together the opportunity to learn and connect.

It's an easy to use platform that not only allows you to follow all the scheduled speakers and guests, but it also gives you access to actually going on live with these people, asking them questions and networking with other designers. And last, but not least, it allows you to download all the videos and be able to view them as many times as you want, in your own time. 

Exploring the future in this fast-changing world with a conscious creative mindset is vital and a goal for us all. The event will be hosted on-line and it focuses on INTEGRATION not only as a theme, but as a guiding concept for the build-up of the events itself. 


Read more on EMG Go Live and find out how you can be part of this amazing event!

Let's connect!




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