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Expanding Creativity through Small Intimate Events

2021 anahit hakobyan emc go live integration speakers wedding May 16, 2021



2021 is a big year for events worldwide. It is probably as important as last year was radical. After the earthquake that shook the entire planet, considering the new developments and the way the world is going forward, it is most likely that the events are facing an year of changes, challenges, but also opportunities and adventures!

We are now at the very start of the 2021 wedding season and there are certainly a lot of uncertainties, but also new trends and new approaches appearing. Which is always super exciting for the designers and creatives in this business. But how big are those changes going to be? How will the concept of events themselves balance the need for socialising with the must be of the intimacy? How will logistics be handled? How will prices evolve and how will the design style adapt to reflect the new way events will unfold? So many questions and yet they all have the same answer: by bringing creativity into action and working around the concept of integration, there is room for anything to happen! 


As opposed to the pre-pandemic year, this time we know things are going to change almost completely, shifting along with the new social trends. It will not only be a new colour of the year or a new style of dress, it will be so much more than that! It will be a change that happens at the very core of the event itself and creativity for all involved will be challenged.

Education, communication, learning are all important adaptability factors in today's market. But INTEGRATION is key, it will truly inspire the future of events and all creatives involved will certainly be implementing the most. one of the most inspiring learnings come from dialogue, from sharing and receiving information.

EMC has scheduled a panel discussion entitled "Expanding creativity through small, intimate designs" within the EMC Go Live Event in July. Moderated by the very talented Anahit Hakobyan, the panel will be an amazing opportunity for floral designers to get insight from some very successful people in their field of expertise.

Anahit is an amazing floral designer with experience in podcasting, always passionate about sharing information and discovering interesting subjects. As the host of “Viva La Flora Live” Podcast and “411 Floral" informational platform, she has all the experience to make this panel discussion worth every second of your time!

Integration with small intimate events:

trends, changes and approaches

Who will inspire you and share their knowledge, wisdom and experience during the EMC Go Live EVENT for the Expanding creativity through small, intimate designs" panel discussion? A line-up of interesting, open-minded and expert professionals who will always have a say in the unfolding of trends in the events industry. 

Anuja Joshi heads Interflora India business and has led the execution of floral décor at some of the largest weddings and corporate events in India. She is a trained classical dancer, interior designer and an alumnus of the London School of Economics (LSE) and her expertise and experience will inspire you in approaching future events. 

Christi Lopez AIFD EMC is a passionate and dedicated floral entrepreneur,  who runs Floral Business Academy in Washington, DC. She is a strong promoter of the idea that a healthy, thriving floral business doesn’t have to be time consuming or stressful. Business consultant and educator to many floral entrepreneurs, Christi also has had a long and busy career in events and wedding industry, implementing new and innovative ideas, successfully and creatively integrating technological advances into her own business.

Sarah Campbell has become a leader in the luxury wedding industry being called upon by a variety of media sources such as NBC, ABC, FOX as well as magazines, blogs and newspapers and even Netflix. Her excitement for weddings and her passion for design is apparent the moment you meet her. Sarah Campbell openly shares her talent and knowledge through speaking, workshops and classes designed specifically for the wedding industry.

Tanus Saab is an architect and landscape designer, with a success Story. Tanus Saab, over his long career, has been working with over 1000 social and cooperate events including soap operas on national television, as well as national state visits. His impressive resume highlights Champion of the Brazilian Cup of Floral Design 2001,  Champion of the America´s Cup 2002 in Cancun, Mexico and 8th place in the Fleurop-Interflora World Cup Berlin 2015. 

photos curtesy of by Alex Mateiu

Designing with flowers is the art and business of communicating emotions. The design displays elements of inspiration from so many other forms of art, it encompasses trends; it challenges us technically, just as it excites the client visually. This is why we believe that all florists who want to expand their creativity, especially if working int he wedding industry, need to experience the Infinite Creative Effect (ICE)! A floral design has to speak of a broader picture then selling the flower itself. It actually speaks of concepts, such as integration and conscious creativity, as the way into the future of design.

This 2-day virtual event offers florists and designers together the opportunity to learn and connect. Exploring the future in this fast-changing world with a conscious creative mindset is vital and a goal for us all.

Don't miss it. Bring your creativity into action!

edited by Diana Toma, EMC

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