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Unique Education Becomes Reality

emc designer floral education May 10, 2021

EMC is all about YOU!


EMC is not a floral workshop, nor a series of tutorials. I

t’s not exactly a school, per se, and it certainly isn’t offering any recipes for people to replicate.

It’s not really a masterclass, either and yes, one does get an official certification in the end, but that’s not really the goal in itself.

We’ve put experience and passion into designing a complex curriculum, an outstanding learning process, and a great coaching program. European Master Certification is a floral educational concept and program that cannot be categorized because neither can you! And you shouldn’t fit in a category, as your individuality, your personality, and your distinctive experience are the attributes that make you unique.

European Master Certification is a blended-learning experience integrated in a complex international floral education program, created by world-renowned designer, artist and lead instructor Tomas De Bruyne.

"Education is not about making contact with your students but connecting with them in order to discover their uniqueness and nurture their development by unlocking the infinite creative potential that lies within each of us!" Tomas De Bruyne

We put passion into designing a complex curriculum, an outstanding learning process, and amazing guidance through it, but ultimately, EMC is all about YOU! EMC is your immense effort, you having to step out of your comfort zone, you reaching your infinite potential as a floral designer, your signature style, your growth, your hard work, your creativity pushed forward, your designs lifted, your success story, and your own personal experience enhanced. The program goes through theory and practice, thorough elements and principles, through techniques and mechanics, through art and nomenclature work, through design concepts and colour theory. These are all milestones you will pass and knowledge that will take you further in your creative endeavour and business mindset. You will have guidance and mentorship, teachers and fellow colleagues will become your family and yes, in the end, you will have a certification.

“(...) creativity is, by far, the most important skill for success in the 21st century. And it does not refer only to design, it expands to everything we do. Creativity must become the most active virus nowadays and it will transform us. There is no such thing as too much creativity, there is no quantification involved as it has infinite potential. One of the secrets of creativity is when we cultivate flexibility in our consciousness, for we allow us to renew ourselves in every moment and in every creation. Creativity is the ability to collect spare ideas and I strongly believe we need to change the idea of how we think about creativity, just as we need to change the way we see education. It is no longer about the craftsmanship, but more about seeing the potential in each element, so the possibilities of combining them become infinite." Tomas De Bruyne

The beauty of EMC, though, stands in the fact that YOU will embark on an exciting journey that will last a lifetime, exploring YOUR infinite creative potential and knowing how to express it in YOUR unique signature style design. Creating a culture of engaging floral creatives to discover their own potential is our drive. EMC wants to build a community that is stimulated by the same ambition to reach new heights within the floral industry worldwide.

We offers designers an opportunity to grow and fully develop their creative potential by engaging them into a life-changing experience. Our students are exposed to the Infinite Creative Effect (ICE) taught by a driven, engaged and passionate team. Designers are introduced to new styles, techniques, materials and creative ways of playing with the elements and principles of design, focusing on nurturing and discovering their own unique, signature style.


We believe ultimately, each of us, as designers are continually seeking and yearn for continual creative ideas and ambitions. This only comes from taking the knowledge that we are taught and implementing it to the “knowing” stage. Once this has been achieved, we allow ourselves to be changed and open to becoming a “consciously creative”–not seeking out the next trendy “trick or tip”, as we discover there are infinite possibilities that surround us to create. Hence, our core program brings this to fruition for students graduating with the European Master Certification.

Designing with flowers is the art and business of communicating emotions. The design displays elements of inspiration from so many other forms of art, it encompasses trends; it challenges us technically, just as it excites the client visually. This is why we believe that all florists who want to expand their creativity, both in art and business, need to experience the Infinite Creative Effect (ICE)!

A floral design has to speak of a broader picture then selling the flower itself. It actually speaks of concepts, such as integration and conscious creativity, as the way into the future of design.

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