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Workshops @EMC Go Live Event

emc go live event floral education May 24, 2021

Inspiration. Innovation. Integration. 

Virtual workshops at EMC Go Live Event. Designers: Stacey Bal and Tomasz Max Kuczynski.

Workshops are such an entertaining and insightful form of floral education, worldwide. It is a touching base  interaction with designers who are open to share their knowledge and instruct step-by -step, challenge by challenge, following a clear line of execution of a specific design.

But workshops are so much more than that. A conscious creative can follow the development of an idea, the integration of materials, the manipulation of botanicals and the use of various techniques. There is so much more to learn from such a form of education as it allows a sneak peak into the mind and the atelier of amazing designers and that values much more than the instructions, though those are awesome, too.

Each designer will spend 45 minutes on their presentation, broadcasted during the 13th-14th of July EMC Go Live Event, followed by a live Q&A session, where you get to ask information, question techniques and 

Artist Stacey Bal celebrates the value in the vast diversity of the floral industry by wearing many hats including educator, author, consultant, event designer, magazine contributor, and product developer.

She is recognised for bringing a fresh perspective and strong voice to the visual arts community most recently as a feature artist at Art Basel Miami 2019.

Internationally published, her latest work is published in IMPERMANENT in which she co-authored with Arthur Williams.


Floral designer, Tomasz Max Kuczynski is a unique floral designer, with a signature style and great personality, finalist in multiple national and international awards in floral design competitions.

He is a demonstrator and teacher, collaborating with many schools and organisations all over the world. Max is also the CEO of the International Institute of Floral Design in Poland.

His personality and experience make him an amazing teacher, willing to share insight into contemporary floral design with his students.

A virtual workshop has its immense advantages. That in person experience becomes real in a familiar space, with possibilities to access and review the information as many times as you like. Technology nowadays allows us to benefit even more from such workshops as the access to knowledge becomes timeless, the viewer having complete control over rewatching the video. The workshop becomes, by turning virtual, a great tool to reach for more information every time it is played.

"Integration" being the main theme of the event, both workshops will focus on it as well. Stacey's workshop is entitled "Art Fusion", while Tomasz Max is going to present floral works under his interpretation of the theme, "Unification of styles".


Committed in implementing blended learning as a concept in the floral industry as well, EMC is focusing on using the best of today’s technology to build up a complex and integrated event. EMC GO LIVE is a 2-day virtual event that offers florists and designers together the opportunity to learn and connect.

Exploring the future in this fast-changing world with a conscious creative mindset is vital and a goal for us all. The event will be hosted on-line and it focuses on INTEGRATION not only as a theme, but as a guiding concept for the build-up of the events itself. 

We believe ultimately, each of us, as designers are continually seeking and yearn for continual creative ideas and ambitions. This only comes from taking the knowledge that we are taught and implementing it to the “knowing” stage. Once this has been achieved, we allow ourselves to be changed and open to becoming a “consciously creative”–not seeking out the next trendy “trick or tip”, as we discover there are infinite possibilities that surround us to create. Read more about European Master Certification here

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