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August 2019 Expressions Newsletter

emc alumni emc community emc team floral design Aug 19, 2019

EMC at Fleuramour 2019

and other news from the EMC Community

With a EMC Fleuramour Team comprised of EMC Subscribed Members and Core Educational Team, EMC is preparing for participating in Fleuramour 2019: Back to the Future.  On Friday 27 September, EMC will be present at the first ever POP UP Stand at Fleuramour, an event hosted by EMC educational Partner REKAD.  Every 30 minutes, there will be a demonstration in the Pop Up, along with opportunities for the public to engage with graduates and the EMC bvba.

On Saturday 28 September 2019, the 2nd Annual EMC Family Day will again take place at Fleuramour.  The day will be filled with an EMC Pit Demonstration, a hands on workshop given by French Master Designer Frederic Dupre, a lecture series by Belgian Master Moniek Vanden Burghe entitled An Hour with Moniek: My Design Process, an after hours cocktail party in the EMC display Tent as well as many hours of fun, family and flowers! 

"The entire educational package of Moniek and Frederic is a 515€ Value that EMC Subscribed members are able to receive for only 75€," comments Tomas De Bruyne. "The value of what we offer is amazing for our EMC Family."

To register for this event, please visit

Congratulations to EMC Students and Graduates

The EMC Family would like to congratulate Brian Coover AIFD EMC (Class of 2014), Alejandro Figueira Aifd Cfd (EMC Student) and Maureen Christmas AIFD EMC (Class of 2018) who passed their American Institute of Floral Designers Certified Evaluator/Judge examination. We are proud of your accomplishments and your dedication to the floral industry.

EMC Graduate Celebrates Canadian Flowers Week

Rosella Mandau EMC (Class of 2018) put on a great little event  in Edmonton,  Canada during Canadian Flowers Week. "We created a floral art installation at our local Farmers Market – The 124 Grand Market on July 19, 2019," shares Rosella who is the only EMC graduate in Alberta. "There were 3 large picnic tables on site and we created a different floral runner for each one. We also created a free standing 7’ tall installation of willow branches with 3 picnic baskets full of Canadian grown flowers – in celebration of Canadian Flowers Week. Everything we used was grown in Canada and as local as we could get."

Congratulations to Members of the EMC Family Inducted into AIFD in July or have been invited to be a member in

Due to many EMC Family members being inducted into the American Institute of Floral Designers at Las Vegas as well as those who test and either were invited to become AIFD or received their CFD, a few were forgotten in the last newsletter.  Congratulations to Wing Yee Winnie Liu, Summer S Cheung, Kaman Ho and Keith Kam Chung Cheng. 


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