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Post-COVID floral industry

Jun 14, 2021

Focus On The Future 

EMC Go Live Event 2021 panel discussion: future trends and business developments influence the floral industry, worldwide  

Flowers are at the core of our creative metier, but if we think about it, it has an entire world move around its existence. The floral industry is moving forward and sits now at the very verge of a new post-pandemic world, when countries are starting to open up and  in some way or the other we start to see a light at the end of the tunnel. But this industry is such a complex system of connections between growers, producers, distributers, designers, florists, magazines promoting floral design, retail marketing, accessories, floral education and so on, all surrounding the flower. And even more so, we are influenced by so many things form outside the world of flowers, as social behaviours and trends guide our designs and, ultimately, our creative process. 

It lies on the shoulders of the creatives, those who work with flowers, to bear the responsibility of using the flower to convey not only the emotion, but also the effort put in by all those who put their time, knowledge and effort into that flower's life. But also, the final outcome of what to deliver also tells the story of the client's wishes, it is symbolic for the business and promotional aspects of our live. The design displays elements of inspiration from so many other forms of art, it encompasses trends; it challenges us technically, just as it excites the client visually. The design speaks about the broader picture that the flower itself, it speaks of all aspects of the industry connected with emotions and artistic input.

So, where do we go from now in the floral industry?

Us, designers, should be inspired and reach for information from other members of this big, world wide family called floral industry and even more, outside of it. As we enter into a new age of our floral industry, we realise what lies ahead is full of possibility! At EMC, we always want to encourage conscious creativity and bring those we influence and those that influence us to new heights of awareness.

The EMC Go Live Event hosts a panel discussion with the topic "Where do we go now in our floral industry?" features an amazing group of people whom you will rarely see sitting around the same table and giving their input on this important subject for all of us. 

Let's meet the panel members!

An Theunynck is a freelance journalist for floristry and for the past 12 years has been editor-in-chief of the international magazine Fleur Creatif. Her expertise in communications and marketing along with the works she has done as a consultant for the flower industry make An a true source of inspiration and her advices on the future developments in the industry, form the perspective of the publisher, make her contribution to the panel a unique addition. 

Denise Patterson is a passionate marketer who has been with Smithers-Oasis since 2016, currently holding the CEO position at the company. "The theme of "Integration" is what excites me about marketing - integrating every aspect of life to reflect the values that drive us. I take particular delight in the floral industry because it is driven by the same things, as flowers are woven into everyday life and are particularly critical in our times of greatest joy and sorrow."

Dianne Braafhart and Janine Borduin are are two of the co-funders of Tooolbox, a creative concept that focuses on the translation of trends. Developing new trend themes, offering new designs and commercial presentation of their clients collection is their specialty. With great experience behind them, they each contribute with their knowledge and creative flair to the company. 

Jose "Joey" Azout has been playing his part in the floral industry for over 25 years. "I was lucky enough to have participated in growing, handling, importing, wholesaling and retailing flowers and have travelled around the world sourcing rose varieties to grow and finding customers to sell them to"Alexandra Farms, the company he owns and proudly leads is inspiring designers all over the world by the beautiful varieties of garden roses and the famous David Austin roses.

Ellen Van Turnhout is CEO of the family-owned Agora Group. Growing up in the sector, Ellen now leads as the second-generation of the firm, successfully driving the market as the lead in wholesale for Belgium and France. Ellen has a broad and deep experience and understanding of the history and the future evolutions of the sector, the people and the impressively vast range of products.

We live in a new world and what we used to do just doesn't work any more. We have teamed up with these amazing people that we know can stretch you to new possibilities and you'll grow beyond what you thought was possible. At the end of the 2 days, you'll walk away with new clarity, new ideas, new mindset and knowledge so you can take ownership of your success, and future.

It's time to bring creativity to action!

Read more about our event here!


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