April 2019 Expression Newsletter

Uncategorized Apr 15, 2019

Alexandra Farms hosts Educational Partner EMC at Bogota, Colombia

From 25-30 March 2019, 11  members of the EMC Core Educational Team was hosted by International Educational Partner Alexandra Farm in Bogota, Colombia.   Alexandra Farms’ President Jose Azout treated the EMC Core Team to a once in a life time experience of touring two rose farms including interacting with the roses in the new variety block.   They also experienced the production and post production process of the 60 different varieties grown on two different Alexandra Farms including the David Austin Rose Block.  At the end of the tour,  the team helped Alexandra Farms determine which of the 200 test varieties contain the characteristics that fulfill the requirements of florist and...

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Cycle of Life

emc graduates Sep 15, 2018

It is safe to say that life is a funny thing with unexpected surprises which makes you take notice and reflect.  For years, EMC students have been assigned different projects to complete during Part II SELF-PRACTICUM.

Design by Greg Lum AIFD CFD EMC 

This assignment is fascinating and in reality, is a ‘tell all’ about the student.  Historically, it shows the Instructors and Teaching Assistant who the student designer is most inspired by, the style that is closest to his or her heart and what level of design he or she is aspiring to achieve.  It is very common for the students to pick the big international names such as Tomas De Bruyne, Hitomi Gilliam, Gregor Lersch, Monique Vanden Berghe, Pim van den Akker and the list of European Designers goes on and...

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Your Knowledge. Your Success. Our Passion

emc graduates Jul 14, 2018

Your Knowledge. Your Success. Our  Passion.  These words to some might seem just a motto, a logo, a nice sentiment.  But as EMC has grown and evolved, these 6 little words are very prophetic.  Eight years ago when Tomas De Bruyne and Hitomi Gilliam AIFD started the European Master Certification Program, it was fulfilling a need in North America.  EMC provided an opportunity to florist craving the European Design Process an avenue to learn the craftsmanship and floral education offered in Europe. Almost a decade later, the graduates and students are now shining brightly in the international floral industry.

Recently, EMC was well represented in the Farewell issue of Flowers& July 2018 Design Contest.  EMC Student Lea Romanoswki AIFD, CAFA took the first...

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