Learning Is An Experience


European Master Certification is an educational program, and, as accustomed, at the end of it, on graduation day, each student gets a diploma. There is an exam, that takes place at the end of the Advanced Class and of course, grading the performance of the students is require. Besides being a wonderful event, held at the 14th century beautiful building of the Town Hall in Bruge, besides the great Belgian beer they serve and all the fun that one can feel in the air, the graduation of EMC is not a destination in itself. 

At EMC we put the value more on the journey our students make, on the learning process, which never really ends on graduation day.

We constantly prepare ourselves to perform better, which is our goal, in the end: to make the best of what we do. Our clients...

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 More than flowers. Much more than a book.


"Arthur and Stacey challenge themselves to guide the materials into a story of synergy. Their message is an invitation to embrace imperfection and the transcience that makes this medium so perfect.

Design should be an infinite process, a journey of growing and expressing recent emotions. Art will always be a barometer of time."

Tomas de Bruyne - CEO @European Master Certification

transcript from the Foreword of the book


The picture below is first for a reason. Both authors, Arthur Williams and Stacey Bal, look back to the 2019 AIFD Symposium as the moment when they have decided to take on this project together and respond to Florists' Review invitation to edit a book. It...

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Persihable Poetics


Manifesting Emotion Through Contemporary Floral Design

Jenny Thomasson AFID, PFCI, EMC

Jenny Thomasson is a talented designer with a sensitive and inimitable approach to floral art. Her continuous strive to become a better version of herself professionally has led her on an educational path to success, where hard work, desire for knowledge and personal input have all beautifully completed her signature style.

We applaud her on this amazing achievement and use this opportunity to celebrate the launch of her book by inviting you to take a journey through the process that lead to “Perishable Poetics” becoming a reality.

On behalf of the entire EMC family around the world, sincere congratulations, Jenny! 

Tomas de Bruyne, CEO @European Master Certification

How it all...

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It's All Uniquely, Christi Lopez


Christi Lopez is a very talented floral designer, a successful business woman and a creative entrepreneur. Her experience and commitment to always strive for the better are attributes that make her style unique. She is eager to share, ready to boost one's moral and self confidence, she has proven an immense capacity to lead, manage and always be on top of things. Above all that, she is ultimately a true believer that any success in this industry is not only related to the quality of the designs you produce, but also in the quality of the business one runs.

Tell us about your day one, when did you start working in the floral business?

Gosh, this takes me back! I actually started working with artificial and dried flowers out of my mom’s basement but longed to work with...

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New Ways to Learn Techniques


Floral design, as all other art forms, cannot exist without techniques. Literally speaking, they are the actions that transform any creative idea from a glimpse of imagination to a real life product that we can feel, touch, see and ultimately enjoy. 

Techniques are vital decision-making factors in the total design process. They enable us to actually transform an idea in reality. The quality of the final outcome depends substantially on the quality of our choices as designer.

By choosing the most suitable technique for the execution of the mechanics, the final result is substantially improved. The more technical knowledge you possess, your design possibilities become unlimited and this is mathematically proven, as there is a radical increase in the number of possible...

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Inspired To Inspire: Winter Botanicals


the story of a floral designer curating a book with global inspiration

with Julia Marie Schmitt AIFD, CFD, ICPF, EMC, PFCI

"An international collaboration of 19 floral designers, 

Winter Botanicals: Capturing the Spirit of the Season in Flowers

 is a beautiful pictorial instructional book.  Inspired by different cultures, geography and traditions, the expressions within these pages interweave the stories and passions of the floral artists through the medium of botanicals of the season.  Each design allows you to learn, in a step by step fashion, how to recreate the design as well as learn tips and techniques.  It will awaken your creativity to tell your stories with Winter Botanicals."

from www.flowersbyjuliamarie.com

Julia Marie Schmitt is a dynamic and...

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From Virtual To Real



EMC launches the first online Foundation Course

The first students of the first EMC On-line Foundation Course have just started their floral education with this new and innovative approach, called BLENDED LEARNING. We are all excited and thrilled to see this on-line experience become a reality!

The idea of having an on-line course was already on the EMC agenda before COVID, set as a project for later in the future. As many, we had to reinvent and re-calibrate the way we provide education, to adapt to the changes that occurred in the past months on a global level, severely impacting the local communities as well. Businesses working different, decisions you cannot control impacting you directly, changes occurring too fast, working with a completely...

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Meet the EMC Mentorship Team

The EMC mentorship program is a very important part of the educational experience we offer to our students. Having a mentor gives you the opportunity to learn from someone who whats you to grow, to be guided by someone who has already experienced the entire process. The mentors are chosen from our previous generations of graduates, who are talented designers and, even more importantly, have the skills and passion to guide fellow students on their journey within the European Master Certification program. 

"I believe a student gains so much value by being mentored. You are aligned with someone who has successfully completed the EMC program and who will share relevant knowledge, experiences and information that reinforces a student’s...

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EMC Coaching Team Meet Up in a Blended Interview


How did you grow through EMC/how did EMC help you grow?

I’ve learned so much since I started my EMC journey in fall 2017. The challenges and learning do not stop upon my graduation. Naturally, I take EMC as a continuum, lifelong learning experience just as I practice Ikebana artistry. With this mindset, I’ve discovered that there are endless new knowledge and skills to learn and share. The diversified EMC community allows me to meet peers from different countries and cultures. I’ve gained beautiful friendship along the way, and I’ve also become a better and confident floral designer! Sherene S Tan, AIFD, EMC

The growth for me has been tremendous, and it continues today. It reignited my thirst for knowledge, which continues to push me to grow as a designer....

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Mirroring Designers: Kristina RimienÄ—, Lithuania

Kristina RimienÄ—, EMC is one very talented designer and a lady with an amazing personality, She lives in Lithuania and besides owning a flower shop, designing gorgeous events and organising a unique floral festival in her country, Kristina is also quite known to the Lithuanian public as the host of a famous television show. We have interviewed her in this new series of articles, Mirroring Designers, along side Flavia Bruni from Italy, to give you an insight on how the same two areas of creativity, floristry and television, can beautifully and successfully blend together.
How have flowers taken you from the floor of your flower shop to a television studio? Tell us in short, your first encounter with television. 

Four years ago, the idea to make a new talk show for TV where...

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